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Yeah, that doesn't work for me anymore. I didn't have much trouble losing the extra weight after ds1 when I was only 21. After having ds2 at 34, I had to work a little harder and didn't get back to my pre-pg hardcore workout shape but I got back to a good weight and felt good about the shape I was in. After ds3 at 37, no such luck. I need to have the time to really exercise. I've given up on any kind of nutritional plan/dieting. Tracking what I eat all the time is just not my thing anymore. I want to be able to enjoy eating as much as possible without constantly thinking about calories and fat and carbs. Bleh! I usually love to exercise but it's so hard to find the time and energy when I spend most of my time doing everything for everyone else. When I do finally get some free time I just want to sit. I don't know if the harder weight loss is from age (there's a big difference between 20 and 40) or from having more than one kid.

I think I'm going to gain about the same amount this time, 30 lbs. That's what I gained with my 3 boys. That's not bad weight gain. The difference is the weight I'm starting at.
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I'd be happy with 30 lbs!  At the rate I'm going I'm looking at more like 40.  I'll still take 40 over the 65 I gained with DD!  Haha!

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Ladies! joy.gif I believe I know you all! I think I must have missed a couple other threads but I would like to join in too.

Congratulations to jeninejessica! joy.gif And I think I already congratulated the rest of you, but just in case, congrats to everyone! thumb.gif

I'm 30 weeks and nesting like crazy.
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Hey, BFS! Great to see you!
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BFS!!  Hi!!  Wow, 30 weeks -- home stretch!  Good to see you!! joy.gif

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Oooh fluffy mail. I won't be getting much fluffy mail... literally with what I need for the first few weeks, I don't need to buy anything else. I know we'll get gifts from others, and our baby will be about 6 months behind the next youngest in the family, so we should have some good hand me downs there. I'll need to keep tight control on my shopping so we don't nd up with a lot of never-used items. Even diapers as fluff, which I've been MOST excited about, I'm set for the 'small' stage... I just need I think a pack of prefolds and a few covers for the newboprn stage... and then a few large dipes. So again... not much to buy there either. Everything we need to buy for the most part are the big things-- the crib, stroller, car seat, pack and play, etc. Those won't really be mail items, espeically since we'll probably buy everything except the car seat on a trip down to the states.


I'm hoping to get in shape a bit this spring/summer. I always feel guilty that we don't give our puppy enough exercise, so especially with the pregnancy I want to work really hard to try to go on nice long walks 5 days or so a week. That will help with toning my legs and helping my cardio, which sucks right now. Then once baby comes, I've got a few months to recover, and then can take advantage of the mundo-stroller I want and start jogging. I'm already seeing myself eating a lot healthier during the pregnancy, especially with DH watching every move, so I'm hoping to keep the weight gain to around that 30lb mark. My mother gained all her weight only in her belly with all four pregnancies, so I'm hoping to carry on the tradition!



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Hey, should we start a due date list in the first post? I didn't list names when I set up this thread because I was waiting to see who would join. We could just list people by month or we could put our actual EDDs.

JJ ~ I know it's fun to buy all the stuff for the first baby but there are a lot of things that you really do not need that end up being a complete waste of money. IME, a pack and play is one of them. For the cost, it's just not worth it. They are a serious PITA to pack up and take with. They don't fit through standard sized inside doorways. If you are going to get the stuff 2nd hand at yard sales and such, it wouldn't be such a waste but brand new I wouldn't bother. I think you all know that I think a crib is a waste of money, too. But if you aren't committed to co-sleeping 100% of the time, I understand the desire to get one. I had a crib for ds1 but only used for the first few weeks. Once I realized I could nurse while sleeping that was that. We got a crib for ds2. Never used it. I tried an Amby bed. He hated it! I'll sell it, btw, if anyone knows anyone who wants it. We didn't bother with a crib for ds3. He has always slept in our bed or his.

Swings and those activity seat thingies that babies can stand up in (just like walkers but without the wheels) and walkers and bouncie seats and all of that gear are not really worth the cost brand new. I might look around for a few of those things 2nd hand because I did find it nice to have a place to set baby sometimes. Most times, though, none of mine liked to be in them for long. I think that unless you are planning to put your baby in those things and leave them even if they cry and want to get out, they just aren't worth it. They are very useful for parents who also use playpens and cribs to contain their babies all the time, which I think is very sad.

I think the only gear that's really needed is a car seat, a stroller and a soft baby carrier like a pouch, ring sling or mei tai. As a matter of fact, even though I have at least one of each of those plus a wrap, I've been thinking about getting an Ergo or Sutemi. They are expensive but they look relatively easy and might be easier on my back when baby gets bigger. I have back problems/constant pain so I can't carry a heavy baby for long in a ring sling or pouch. The mei tai is better but the ties are really long and get in the way and I found the wrap to be a serious PITA even though I know how to use it. It's just not my style. Doesn't go with my outfits. winky.gif After 4-6 months you'll probably want a high chair so baby can sit with you at the table while you eat. I like that they make them reclining now so baby doesn't have to be able to completely sit up. Not for eating purposes but just so baby can be included at the dinner table. Oh, and changing tables. I'd pass on that, too, and just get a dresser with a lot of drawers and put a changing pad on it for changing baby.

That's my 2 cents worth, which I think I've given several times on this subject so I'll try to shut up about it now.
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JJ - I could just go back and see if you posted it, but I'm being lazy -- what is your EDD again?  I think it's pretty cool that you don't need to buy much.  Plus, you'll probably get a shower, right?


I, on the other hand, do need fluffy stuff!  I think DD has a handful of neutral sleepers and of course white onesies, but they're mostly if not all long sleeved and this babe is coming in the dead heat of summer.  So, I'm using that to my advantage.  Sheepish.gif


I'm not going too crazy by my standards but already DH is kinda looking at the CC bill like, "What did you order from XYZ?  How many outfits??"  Haha.  Men.  


I'm thinking about skipping nb cloth.  I know, I'm bad.  But I feel like what if I buy even 5 nb dipes and this baby comes out at almost 8 or 9 lbs?  I'll only use them for a few weeks!  I can't justify the cost.  I just can't!  And I'm just a wussy part time cd'er anyway.



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A due date list might be fun. Mine is 6/2, expecting to go a little early.

I have all the absolute need-at-first essentials bought (or ordered and on the way) as of last week! Even the carseat. I do need a few more big things - a stroller, high chair, and I AM planning on getting a pack-n-play with a bassinet this time INSTEAD of a crib. winky.gif I would like somewhere for the baby to be able to put down, even though he/she will probably sleep in our bed most of the time. I am not buying any clothes, because I really want to buy pink stuff (secretly kinda hoping for a girl) but I don't know yet! I've actually bought some pinkish stuff like receiving blankets and one pink diaper, because DS has helped me pick them out and he likes pink! LOL And I haven't discouraged him winky.gif I figure the baby won't care. But anyway, I have some boyish and some neutral clothing left over from DS, which the baby can wear regardless, and then I'm sure once people know the sex, the clothing gifts will start flooding in.

Speaking of girl/boy, MW, I forget when are you due? Do you know girl or boy yet, or are you finding out? orngbiggrin.gif It seems like everyone I know who is pregnant and knows what they are having is having a boy.
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Carrie ~ Have you checked out The Children's Place? They have been having continual sales and have some cute stuff, too. It's been really hard for me to not buy stuff for ds3. He has plenty of almost brand new looking hand me downs from his big bro.

I skip NB dipes. I've been skipping making NB soakers, too. Smalls should work just fine for me. My babes have been 7/11, 8/7 and 9/8, respectively, so I'm going with the assumption that this one is going to be at least 9 lbs., too. I asked around a bit and diaper makers seem to think that even with a larger baby, NB dipes fit better at first because their legs aren'ts as chunky/filled out but it seems like a complete waste to me to spend money on dipes that will only be used for a couple of weeks, especially when it's so hard to resell them these days. Maybe some of the smaller prefolds (I can't remember the size right now. Is it infant or is there a smaller size, not preemie/NB?) jic would be worth it because those can always be used as doublers/stuffers, burp cloths, cleaning rags later. But...I've got a ton of the medium sized prefolds that I can just fold down to put on a newborn so, again, I don't really need any. I've actually been trying to go for the one-size dipes as much as possible this time to try to save some money. I don't need much. Just a few to replace ones that have worn out or I passed along and can't get back.

I found the cutest pattern for a wool soaker type onesie yesterday. I can't wait to make it!
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JJ - a belated congrats! I was on vacation all last week so could only view on my phone, and I have difficulty logging in to post on it.


As for needed items: We had an arms reach co-sleeper for DS, which I just sold, because I would rather have a pack-n-play with full size bassinet instead; they fold up way easier than the cosleeper. We have a crib because my dad built it, and well, how do you turn down that? DS does sleep in it now. (but by the time he did, he could have just as easily been put to sleep in a regular bed).  I didn't buy a high chair until well after DS was born. I didn't think I would need one, as we don't have a dining table. but they can only be in a bumbo with tray for so long. As for baby putters (excersaucers, bouncies, swings, etc) . . .I WAH 3 days a week so these were a life saver for me. the bouncy seat I would have had no matter what. The swing was a waste of money, thank goodness we got it on craigslist for cheap. We rarely used it. I second MW though, you can find nearly all baby gear items  for way less than 1/2 price if you get them second hand.


For diapers . . . I didn't start CD until DS was 7 months, so I will need a newborn/small stash. DS was 6 lbs 14 oz born at 41+6; so I doubt this baby will be very much bigger. So a few newborn diapers would be a good thing, but how many? 2 dozen? and 1/2 a dozen covers? (I am thinking for 2 days worth)I have a dozen or so green edge prefolds which are small in width, but a little longer than orange edge.


Carrie - I love sales! I usually shop Gymboree and Crazy Eights, and Kohls . . .JCPenney . . .and Target. Children's Place just doesn't often have stuff I love. Congrats on your little boy! what names are you thinking?


MW: same for you, any name ideas?


BFS: single digit countdown! yay!


I think an EDC list will be great. I will go "my" dates as opposed to ultrasound - 9/28/11


We didn't get to hear the HB at my appointment. she said it is too early. didn't even try! I will be nearly 18 weeks by the next one, so we should definitely hear it then. Big scan date is May 16th, which is my MIL's birthday, what a gift for her!


As for weight - I gained 25 lbs with DS, and I would like to make it about that with this one; I am already classified as obese so hate to gain more than that. It all came off and then some really easily within the first 6 months PP.  If I can add some excersise while I am nursing the new baby, should be able to achieve a good amount of weight loss. I would have loved to have lost more weight before getting pregnant with #2; but didn't happen. oh well.


I love the new thread!


- and we are nearly 14 weeks now! yay!

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Originally Posted by MarineWife View Post

Carrie ~ Have you checked out The Children's Place? They have been having continual sales and have some cute stuff, too. It's been really hard for me to not buy stuff for ds3. He has plenty of almost brand new looking hand me downs from his big bro.

I think MIL and I are hitting TCP outlet next week.  I can't wait!!  I just went to the website and they have some super cute stuff.  I love that store for DD and I'm glad to see I like their boy stuff too.  Thanks!!



Originally Posted by akind1 View Post
Carrie - I love sales! I usually shop Gymboree and Crazy Eights, and Kohls . . .JCPenney . . .and Target. Children's Place just doesn't often have stuff I love. Congrats on your little boy! what names are you thinking?


MW: same for you, any name ideas?


I have yet to be to a Crazy Eights, I only JUST heard about this store about a week ago.  Can't wait to check it out!!  Target is my 2nd home, I'm always there and now I get to buy, buy, buy!!  


Names.  Sigh.  We had the PERFECT girls name, but we are still throwing around a few boys names.  Right now, we have 3 and unless something else comes along we may just keep all 3 on the list and wait till baby is born.  They are Logan, Gideon, and Lincoln.  I LOVE Logan, and so does DH.  The only problem is the popularity.  #19 on SSA.  But, even so,  we are like 99% sure this baby will be Logan.  Logan Dax.  Swoon.


MW - What names are you thinking?


We don't share names IRL but online I feel ok for some reason, especially with you guys!! 


Oh, and my EDD is 8/16!!


Katrina - Yay for 14 weeks and the 2nd trimester!  You made it through the "worst"!!




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I think putting the EDD up on the first thread is a good idea. Mine is 7/21/11.


I have no idea how large this baby is going to be so it's making buying my newborn stash a little difficult. I have 5 size small covers and 1 size newborn cover. I think I need to get two more newborn size covers. They are fairly easy to resell around here on craigslist so not worried about that. As of right now, my plan is to get 1 dz size newborn GMD prefolds, 1 dz size small GMD prefolds and 1 dz flats. I also have a couple of the BG Flip systems on my registries so hopefully between the three showers that I will be having (yes I know it's a lot but my mom and sister want to throw one for me, my work friends are having one for me and then my goddaughter's mom wants to do a couples shower to include DH) someone will buy at least one of the systems. That will give me two more covers and 6 inserts. That should get me through the first couple of months then I can order more based on the baby's size. 


Names are driving me crazy right now! I want this little girl to have a name so I can stop referring to her as "her" or the "the baby" but nothing has struck us yet as "THE NAME", you know? And any time we mention something to the kids, they all have an opinion and it's generally not good. We have narrowed down the criteria. We would like the first name to also be a saint's name and the middle name to be a family name. So that at least gives us some direction. I have a feeling though that we will still be discussing this in the hospital after the baby is born!


Had an OB appt on Friday. I was 23 weeks and I've gained 13 lbs. That's o.k. right? I did finally make it to the gym on Saturday and Sunday and walked for 30 mins each time. My plan was to go to the gym every day for the next two weeks to ease back in to walking/exercising but this morning my back hurt so bad when I woke up that I think I may need to do a couple of weeks of every other day before I go back in to every day. I also want to add in some leg work like the stairmaster to build up my tolerance so if I need to squat during labor/delivery, I won't be so weak.

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Originally Posted by AnnieA View Post
Had an OB appt on Friday. I was 23 weeks and I've gained 13 lbs. That's o.k. right? I did finally make it to the gym on Saturday and Sunday and walked for 30 mins each time. My plan was to go to the gym every day for the next two weeks to ease back in to walking/exercising but this morning my back hurt so bad when I woke up that I think I may need to do a couple of weeks of every other day before I go back in to every day. I also want to add in some leg work like the stairmaster to build up my tolerance so if I need to squat during labor/delivery, I won't be so weak.

Sounds good to me!!  I'm 20 weeks and have already gained 15.  Not super thrilled but I'm trying not to get upset about it and just take it for what it is.  I eat healthy, I work out sometimes, and whatever.  I know it'll come off eventually!  I'm trying so hard not to worry about the number and just think about nutrition and health, b/c in the end that's so much more important.  But -- it's tough for me.  I'll admit it.


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13 pounds at 23 weeks sounds about right. I feel like I'm gaining way too much weight this time. I didn't have a scale until 17 weeks, and since then I've gained 22 pounds, ugh.
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I'll edit the first post with a EDD list.

Now I have to get back in the swing of responding to several posts again. smile.gif

BFS ~ We are having boy #4! I didn't find out with ds2 or ds3 but I needed to know this time so I would have time to process any disappointment over having another boy. I'm glad I did because I know I would have hard time if I hadn't known and this baby came out a boy.

Name ~ I have a couple of names picked out but dh and I never agreed on anything. Now he's gone and it's going to be difficult to settle on something with the sporadic communication. I joked that this baby might not be named until he's 8 months old. ince I have a Ryan, an Ethan and a Kellen I think we should keep the tradition going with another -en or -an sound ending name. Does that make sense? It doesn't have to end with those letters. It could be -in, -yn or -on, too, just has to sound the same. But the name can't start with the same letter of one of the boys or be too similar so no Ian or Evan or Brian or Kian (that was one we both really liked, pronounce Key-an). All those rules plus finding a name that I like and has a good meaning makes it very difficult. I keep coming back to Braeden and Brenden. Sean absolutely does not like Brenden, too similar to Brandon, which is very popular. He liked Braeden ok but the meaning isn't great, broad meadow. I also like Aiden but that's too popular. Carrie, I like Logan, too, but yeah, very popular. There's a girl in the boys' TDK class named Logan so I feel kind of weird using that name. I don't like to use a name of someone I know even if it's just an acquaintance. .

Diapers ~ I think the rule of thumb is at least a dozen dipes a day for newborn/younger babies. So then it just depends on how often you plan to wash. If you want to be able to diaper for 2 fulls days and wash on the 3rd, you'll need at least 3 dozen in the NB and then the small size. I'm never quite sure about covers. I think I've read that you can get by with only 2 but I think I'd want at least 4. I have sooooo many woolies that I don't worry about that anymore. I'm currently making a sleep sack out of some alpaca/merino yarn I have. It is water resistant so I can put that on baby right over the diaper and we're good to go. Nice and easy for the NB stage when they need to be changed every hour or so during the night.

Weight gain ~ I can't remember if I already said that I gained 30 lbs. with each one of my boys. It looks like I'm on track to gain the same this time. I'm 22w and have gained 15 lbs. so far. I'm ok with that. I'm just not happy with the weight I started at. KWIM? It's hard for me, too, to not be bothered by how much I'll weigh. My butt and thighs get big, which I hate.

Should we do belly pics? I think that would be fun. If I can get one of me today, I'll post even if you guys don't want to. My belly is huge! I look like I'm done and I'm only halfway there. I'm not worried about it in a "there might be something wrong with the baby" way but it does freak me out. Why am I so huge so soon? My neighbor is 4 weeks behind me and you can't even tell. She's close to my age and this will be her 3rd child so I can't blame it on age or # of pregnancies. Ugh!

If anyone is looking for inexpensive, one size PUL pocket dipes, SunBaby Diapers are cheap! They are made in China, in case that's an issue for anyone, but it's a private Mom business. She does use a factory but everything is supposed to be very fair and safe, very ethical. The dipes are only $4-5 each.

Ok, I think that's everything.

I know what I forgot...

katrina ~ It seems strange to me that your MW would say it's too early to hear the heartbeat. I've always been told that by 12w you should be able to hear it easily with a doppler. We heard my babe's heartbeat with the doppler at 10w. Is she using only a fetascope?
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MW, what about Nolan? That name popped in to my head when I read your other boys' names.


Dipes: I was just reading a thread in the June DDC talking about CDing newborns and someone mentioned that they just bought some cheap wash clothes and used those in the newborn wraps for the first week or so. I think that is a genius idea! I've been worried about staining my prefolds w/meconium but if I buy a couple of packs of cheap wash clothes, I won't care if those get stained. That lady's point was that in the newborn stage, their diaper gets changed so often that needing the absorbancy of a prefold isn't as necessary. Any thoughts on that from you experienced mamas?

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I suggested Nolan in the beginning but dh didn't like it.

Annie ~ I've never tried that so I don't know. I don't worry about staining. They're diapers. They're gonna get poop stains.

Here's me today. I'm 22w and I'm huge! lol.gif


(2nd time trying to resize the photo. I made it smaller in Photobucket but it's still showing up huge on here. Sorry.)
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MW, I don't think you look much bigger than me.


Here I am at 23 weeks:




I don't know how to resize my pic so it's huge!

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I probably won't do belly pics until around 20 weeks or so. I won't show until at least then anyway.  I do have one of me with DS at 23 weeks: meat23weeks.jpg


as for the heartbeat thing; I think she was probably thinking maybe because of my weight but didn't want to say? not sure. She didn't even do any kind of physical exam like try to feel the fundus (which I can feel easily, right where it should be, a little above my pelvic bone). And she is an OB, not a MW. I found the CNM's here are not much different than OB's in their outlook, and the midwives I saw with DS in particular not that optomistic about VBACs, while the OBs are. weird.


FWIW: Annie and MW, I think the bellies look great! looking forward to that and being able to feel the baby more clearly.

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