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New here, due October 28th. My long intro!

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Hi ladies! 



I am Jamie, mom to four; R-almost 14y, A-8 1/2y, B-3 1/2y, K-21m, and expecting our "Baby Valentine" late October. I also experienced an early pregnancy loss in October of 2005 at 4w2d, one day after the positive pregnancy test. We live in New York state. 

Daddy and I have been together 7 1/2 years and actually just got engaged on Valentine's Day, no date it set for the wedding but we've thrown around some things. We moved into our own home December 2009, a few days before Christmas actually and in January of this year we opened our own brick and mortar local business. Before our biz I had been a SAHM for most of the last few years. Now, whenever I am at the business our kids come along-no daycare, no babysitters and I am very thankful we're able to do that.

At any rate, after a wild ride this cycle (I'll post more about it in a bit)
, we got a BFP the day after Valentine's Day. We were both pretty shocked! It was the first month we didn't try and didn't prevent...ours was more of an unprotected BD session on a whim (baby fever had been sneaking in over the past few months), but obviously this pregnancy at this moment in time was meant to be.


Baby Valentine is due October 28th by LMP. The only day we DTD was on CD12 (02/01/11), I believe I ovulated CD13/14. I'm kinda excited to have a baby so close to a holiday and not in the summer (5 out of 6 of us were born in the summer, 4 of us in June). 10/26 or even 10/28 is just enough time to give birth, have baby home to put in a cute newborn Halloween costume and be home with the rest of the kids to go trick or treating, lol! As for gender everything is telling me girl (different charts, birth reading, etc.) but I think it's a boy. My mother, oldest and middle daughters think it's a boy also. We don't care one way or another. I am very high risk because of history of developing blood clots during two previous pregnancies and have to be on blood thinner. Currently I am on Lovenox injections twice a day. 


So far-knock on wood-this pregnancy has been easy, after a scare earlier on...post more about it later. At our most recently ultrasound Baby Valentine was measuring perfect and had a great heart rate of 171 at 8 weeks. 


I am an "attached mama". We baby wear, co-sleep, cloth diaper, breastfeed and now extended breastfeed (among other things) and that's a big part of who I am. I actually belong to another October DDC before coming here but after some ignorant and judgmental debate about NIP by a first time mom in that DDC I decided I needed to find a more AP/natural parent friendly DDC.

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What an interesting story. I hope that everything just sails along for you without further issues, and welcome. I'm due the 31st. It's nice that there is someone else on this thread at the end of the month!

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Welcome and congratulations!  For AP/natural parenting support, you've definitely come to the right place!

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Congratulations, and welcome aboard! Yep, we're a pretty attached bunch here! My youngest is just now self-weaning, and she turns 3 in a month. My oldest was the same age when she self-weaned as well and I have never had to defend my extended nursing or cosleeping here. love.gif 

Totally different from the people in my day-to-day life! My inlaws think nursing beyond 1 year is just silly, and bed-sharing is dangerous. Sigh. 

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Congratulations and Welcome!

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Welcome, Jamie - nice to meet you. I'm new here, too, but so far, it seems like a warm, supportive and very "attached" bunch - you should be in good company. (Way different than my last DDC).

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Thank you ladies! 

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Welcome! Big congrats on your pregnancy and engagement. I hope everything continues to go smoothly for you.

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sorry dp!
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