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Documentation at home

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Do any Reggio-inspired folk document your own child's work at home?


I'm really feeling like I want to do this and just had some questions about the logistics of it (make a word document and print it at home [the quality would be poor unless we invested in a decent printer] , keep it electronic, print the pictures and mount them to a typed paragraph/description). I'm thinking however it's done I'll store them in page-protectors in a binder (I've grown to love this storage method for many things).




P.S. I find documenting DS's work makes transitions from that work SO much more enjoyable. It makes it easier for that experience to end when there's something concrete to show for it after it's all been tidied.

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  I work at a preschool, that does all lot of documentation in the classroom. I think it is a great idea to do documentation at home. This can be done in a many ways and however you decide to document your son's work it will be something you both can refer to later on. I agree it makes it easier see the ending of projects, as well as reflecting on the project and seeing  where to go next.

  It think what ever tools you use are great, it would be nice to have a good printer but it is not essential. I think printing pictures and writing a paragraph is a good idea but keep in mind documentation does not always have to be formal. It can be handwritten notes accompanied by a picture and than if you feel you want to type it later, go for it. You should also feel free to use sticky notes to jot down things your son says or thoughts about the project. I went to a workshop and few months ago where they had a raw documentation board. This included sticky notes, pictures and just random thoughts and observations of the children.

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