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Seemingly neverending regression HELP, HINTS, ADVICE, ENCOURAGEMENT *?!*#!*

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18 mo dd has been EC'd since she was 3 mo.  She was really accurate with her poop, having onle 10 or so misses from 6 mo to 16 mo.  Then all of the sudden a couple of months ago she started pooping in her diaper with increasing frequency and now barely even signs for pees.  In fact, if I suspect that she has to go and I ask her, she will clearly say no and then go out of sight and pee almost immediately.  We went from being 95% accurate to about 30-50% depending on whether it was a communicative day or rather whether she was plain willing or not.  I try to just shrug it off, although I still feel a state of shock when I open up a diaper to find poop.  I feel so inadequate at even changing her and cleaning her with "solid food poop".  I am becoming more of a pro these past couple of months, though it still makes me gasp in horror (lol) when I see a poopy diaper.  I try to hide it from dd and not make a big deal (dh is not as good at hiding his digruntled side), but maybe she can read my (our) disappointment through the lines.  Children are so bright and intuitive that way.


I have read in books, etc. that it is normal for the lo's to go through this type of regression at around this time, possibly before becoming more potty independant...so I have been trying to teach her how to get her pants down by herself and sit herself on the potty.  And I have seen her demonstrate the whole process solo, so I know she can do it.  But it's the fact that she can do it independantly and she chooses to go in her own diaper that is getting to me. 


If anyone has any suggestions on how we can help dd to turn it around and begin communicating again, please chime in.  For the first month, I kept saying "independace is probably right around the corner", but now it has been 2 months and she is still regressing. Or please share the story of how your child went through the same thing and what the outcome was?  I need some positive reinforcement or some constructive criticism, ANYTHING!


Thanks so much!

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2 mos feels like forever when your in the midst of it but it is just the next step.  So now she learns how to be independent and it will take TONS of practice, but she will be all done and completely potty independent before 2.  I know you;re thinking 2?  2 is still mos away, it is but it will also just be a fleeting memory before you know it.  Relax...she will get this.

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My simple tip is move her to not waterproof trainner or regular undies. Anyway, regresion is normal. My little one is coming and going in pee regressions, He's a distractive kid and loves water, so playdates latelly were just misses and He's supposly an EC "graduated".. 

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Have you tried leaving her bare-bottomed?  I have a 16 mo ECed since 7mo.  I have been doing bare-bottom a lot around the house because just last week she got obsessed with going to and sitting on her potty herself.thumb.gif  We still have a miss or 2 a day, which is the same as b4, but I can see the wheels turning a lot more.

There is an article on babycenter called 3 day potty training that is all about bare-bottomed.  It is more mainstream, of course, but there are some EC elements to it. 

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Thanks for your advice mamas!


Funny, isabchi, after I posted I had the same thought to move her into undies...and maybe it is because I switched up the routine that she became interested again, like overnight, and has been so much better.  Not in the way of taking herself, but going along with my cues and trying to go when I ask her to.  We have been back to 1-2 misses a day for the past several day and no poop misses during that time. 


I truely appreciate being able to check in here with this forum.  I always get good suggestions and ideas...and support!  Thanks again!

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about two months ago I was posting in frustration: what next?? and then yesterday I posted that my LO is finally taking initiative. It does happen.

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