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Confused about cleaning. . .

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When my 4yo DS was born, I did a ton of reading about caring for an intact penis after fighting with DH to not circ. I would say the vast majority of reading was on here, or another site recommended by posters on MDC. I remember reading that nobody should retract except the child himself, but once it was naturally retractable, it should be gently retracted daily to clean with warm water.

So, at about age 2.5, I noticed during a diaper change that DS's foreskin was slightly retracted. I then started to retract very gently (not past what was already retractable) during baths (in non soapy water) or showers to clean the area with water.

Then I was talking to another mom the other day who said I shouldn't be doing even that, so I came on here, and it seems she's right. Did the advice change over the last few years? I'm so sure that I was following the instructions that I'd read here! redface.gif
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Yikes, my memory is baaaaaaddddd. I noticed my join date was when DS was about to turn 1. Therefore, I probably got the original info from somewhere else. . . . .i'm pretty sure I went to 'natural parenting sites' though, like Dr Sears, etc.
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 I don't think it's changed. Retraction is a big no no, only the person should be retracting it himself when it's retractable.



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Until he can do it himself it dosnt need to be done. It isnt necessary for cleaning since a simple swish in the bath does the trick. Once he can do it himself then tell him to pull the skin back swish and then put the skin back.
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Thanks. By 'a simple swish in the bath does the trick' do you mean swish penis fully non retracted, or do you mean retracted? He has in the past retracted it in the bath, but most bathtimes he's too busy playing with his Sprig scuba man to be interested in his penis. Sorry, I'm still confused. . .

Also, if he retracts after the soap and shampoo, it would mean irritants are getting in there. He would have to be told he can retract in fresh water but not once soap is used?

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Swish without retracing. My ds messes with his in a soapy bath. The only thing I do is rise him off with clear water before he gets out. He has never had issues with irritation.
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My ds is 6. I don't think it's necessary for him to retract and clean until he starts getting to be a smelly adolescent. lol.gif  The foreskin still keeps stuff out even after it is retractable, so it's not dirty under there.  He just plays in the bath and the outside of his penis gets cleaned as well as any other part of him, I suppose.  He has never had any issues either. I did tell him that if he retracts in the bath after there is any kind of soap in the water, he has to retract and rinse with water from the faucet before he gets out.  I just explained that it could get red and hurt otherwise, and he gets it.

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Ok, makes sense now. Thanks so much!
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