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I was a vegitarian for 9 months and then in my 2nd trimester of my last pregnancy, I started eating seafood and the occassional poultry. I went vegitarian originally because the thought of eating an animal that was dead just bothered me. Originally, my husband and son were meat eaters and I just ate the sides and they ate the sides+meat. Occassionally I would make a vegitarian dish and they were fine with that, but I didn't want to remove these things from their diet unless they were on board.


Recently my husband expressed a desire to become vegitarian (so, no meat - that's the only restriction.) I have been heading there again too so I thought it was a great time to make the change. The plan is to be a vegitarian couple but to just serve the kids meat until their old enough to make the choice for themselves.


I am hoping to get good vegitarian recipes here and stay on course this time.