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talk to me about showering with baby

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I have a mesh sling, but have not tried it in the shower yet...
please give me some specific details! I am hesitant to try it.
do you actually wash your hair?
what carries work best (for bigger babies)?
how do you manage everything?
thanks in advance!
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I have always showered with DD since she was 2 weeks old. I never used a sling though. I just held her over my arm and showered and then washed her. I t6ake 3 showers a day and that was the only way to do it, because she needed to be held all the time. I did not know at the time there was a sling for the shower. It is an awesome idea.
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Well what I used to do was bring a baby seat into the bathroom and sit the baby in it in just a diaper, on top of a towel. Then quickly wash myself and then pick up the baby and wash him/her (I like the water sling because they both wanted to shower with my instead of bath until they were about 8 months old and they were too slippery to hold onto) and then put the baby back in the seat on top of the towel, wrap the towel around the baby, dry myself off and then pick up the baby! It sounds complicated but its not!
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Never used a sling, either...

I used to put her in a bouncy seat naked and I would shower with the curtain open, so she could see me. Then I'd pick her up and wash her....

When she could sit up at 5 mos, I did this great trick that my mom taught me!!! Bring a plastic laundry basket into the shower, and fill it with a few inches of water to splash in, and a few bath toys! My dd still sits in her basket, and when I am donw washing myself, I wash her!
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I showered with baby #3 so much, he now sits at the bathroom door pounding on it and crying when I shower without him.

I didn't use a sling. Before he could sit, I put him on one of those $5 bathtub "bouncy" seats from Walmart. Once he was able to sit, I just put him at my feet. He crawls all over and has a ball.

ETA: I would like a mesh sling for the pool, though. We swim a lot and I hate putting him on the floor in the locker room. Barf. It'd be nice to have him in the hip carry while I wash and then I could wash him through the sling.

Sigh. I need more PayPal.
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The very first sling I ever made was a mesh pouch so I could carry Fallon in the shower with me! We finally graduated from that to a Solarveil ring sling, which I find much better.

I've been showering with her pretty much since the beginning. Before she could sit up safely on her own I kept her in the sling the entire time. I would wear her tummy-to-tummy while I washed my hair and myself, then I would give her a little wash. (I don't use soap on her skin on a daily basis, so washing her has always been fairly easy.) Sometimes I would sit her in her bouncy chair next to the tub so I could actually shave my legs!

Once she was old enough to sit safely on her own I started letting her sit at my feet with her bath toys while I showered. After I'm done I fill the tub up a couple inches and let her play while I get dried off and dressed. Then I wash her hair etc. and take her out.
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We also have a Solarveil ring sling and I've had it for about a month or two now (my dd is 11 mo. old). I do wash my hair while in the shower and while she is in the sling on my hip. But I never get to shave though.

Good Luck~

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