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Crafty Mamas - What Are You Making?

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With ds I spent a lot of time while pregnant making stuff for him. This time I don't really need much & don't know the sex just yet so I've been a bit short on projects but I am making this blanket in cream with a green border. I'm going to make it fairly small so it can be used in the carseat ('cause really we don't "need" any more blankets).


Anyone else?

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Cute blankey!


I'm kind of on-again-off-again crafty.  I've been off again since Christmas, but I'm hoping to get motivated again soon.  Maybe in the second trimester :)  Hopefully this thread will give me some inspiration.


I don't need a whole lot for this baby either.  But I would like to turn our prefold diapers into fitteds, and I have a couple of thrift shop wool cashmere sweaters I'd like to turn into nice things for baby.  I'm thinking of dying and/or painting some plain white baby tshirts/onesies.  I learned to knit last fall, so maybe make a few tiny little baby things.  I've been thinking about some nice soft babyleg type things with matching hats :)

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I'm in the middle of a knitting frenzy! I made a set of sweater, booties, hat and longies, and am now working on a Tree of Life baby blanket. I lost the cable that I need to upload pictures from camera to computer, so these are all pictures of other people's handiwork. 


ETA: I'm sorry, I didn't realize you have to be a member of Ravelry to see the patterns. redface.gif

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Cute blanket!

I am on a crafting break until may (when I graduate) otherwise my sewing would distract me from my school work. Lol! I have a bunch of baby fabric that I bought late last year. I plan on making some blankets, bibs, toys, burp cloths, a high chair/shopping cart cover, a changing pad to throw in the diaper bag.... I can't remember what else right now. I have a bunch of links on my computer so i'll try to share later. We're starting over from scratch so we have nothing, which leaves me plenty to make!
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My sewing machine has been deprived of my attention lately but I plan on making some upcycled newborn/infant wool longies, fleece liners (which is just cutting to size), and cloth wipes. I am not sure what else right now or if I'll have time for anything else. If it's a girl I'll be making her a tutu also. 

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Changing pad and diaper/wipe container

Burp cloths




Pacifier Clip (maybe.... ds never used a pacifier but I thought these clips are too cute!)


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Steph - some of those are great. I didn't use a soose with ds but I could see those clips working great for other things as well.

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Great examples and patterns!

I'm not sure if we are going to make much new this time. We still have a lot of the stuff from last time, including clothes we made, toys, diaper covers, and the playmat DH designed and made when we decided that the versions for purchase were way too expensive.


We will probably make a few new clothes, using blanks from a place like Dharma and dying them different colors. The infant gowns were so useful with DS -- best outfit for a newborn IMHO. We had two for him, and I'd like to have a couple more this time to cut down on laundry.


I'd also like this babe to take a soother (pacifier) if possible, so I am very interested in those clips, Steph. They are a great idea. DS never took one, but he did suck our fingers until he was well over a year old, which was sweet, but not very realistic with our lives these days. I can sling a kid a lot, but I need to be able to use my hands more often!

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I want to make some Big Butt Baby Pants. I'll wait till we know gender though. I think in soft flannel would be nice for the fall/winter.


I'll also do a pair of longies but I want to know gender too. I may end up doing a gender neutral pair too though because I'm getting antsy to knit for the babe! I think I'll do a sleep sack as well.


I will also be doing some new t-shirts just for babe. I dye and paint t-shirts for littles in my etsy shop and will be doing some tie-dyes this summer too.

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Well this is #3 so we don't need a whole lot, and so far I've been way to sick to even consider crafting anything. This is my first winter baby though so once we find out the gender I'll probably knit some cute hats and rompers. I also want to sew some matching outfits for baby & big brother or sister.

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I'm waiting to start stuff for this baby until I either hear the heartbeat or see an u/s (should be sometime in April!  Thanks stupid dr!)

But I will be knitting a ton of longies plus some big butt baby pants and I need to work on the shirt situation....

Honestly I don't have any crafting mojo right now.  I've lost all ambition.  Hopefully once I see baby I'll get more zesty...

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I've been so sick that I haven't even been able to knit. The things I want to make this year are as follows:


-play kitchen (woodworking)

-18 inch waldorf doll for DS and small one for baby

-knitted sweaters for DS and baby

-wall hanging of a family tree, maybe felted

-not so much 'crafty' but I want to redecorate and organize 'big boy' room for DS. Make curtains etc.

-reorganize our tiny apartment to better serve a family of 4...gulp. Make more shelves, storage etc.


if it's a girl:


-dresses, oh my god!

-girly hats, I wont be able to help myself.

-blankets, knitted and quilted


A lot depends on whether it's a boy or a girl. To be perfectly honest, I will be much more creative with a girl. I already have everything for a boy. It will be fun either way though. All I need is to feel better so I can get some stuff done!! Grr.

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I'm making a garter-stitch cardigan from the book Simple Knits for Cherished Babies.  I've made 4 other ones as gifts for other people, so it is really exciting to make one for our own!  Here is a picture of the 2nd one I made.  They are really easy to do.


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So cute, Amy!

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Originally Posted by AKislandgirl View Post

I want to make some Big Butt Baby Pants. I'll wait till we know gender though. I think in soft flannel would be nice for the fall/winter.

I am definitely going to do some BBBP too, I think they are adorable - and yes, probably in flannel!


When I found out I was preg. and that it would be a Fall/Winter baby, I started to knit immediately.  I have lots of reasonably gender neutral knits from my DD but with her I regretted not having made very small newborn items.  So this time around, I have already made three very tiny cardigans, working on a pair of alpaca longies, and will then probably make 2 or three more pairs of the tiniest longies.  


all on Rav



I think I would like to sew some flannel kimono shirts too.


I will probably make this baby their own crib quilt and sew some new burp cloths too.

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I need to refocus my FULL attention on some cloth diapers....this baby is 7 months old already..i am running out of excuses!   But my son turned 13 and he requested a family Tree Quilt"    100_3359.JPG

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I've knit a soaker, a sheepy sack, and I'm working on a hat right now. I need to double up on everything, of course! Gotta a lot to do yet!
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I just finished a Baby Surprise Jacket, an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern. So odd to knit, but I love it! I immediately cast on for another one lol.

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I knit a romper, 2 longies, 2 hats, 1 dress romper and another girlie top.  All of them have small things I need to fnish (like making an e-cord or ruffles on a hem).  I still have MS so haven't knit as much as I usually do....sucks. I will post pics next week.


I also plan on sewing two baby quilts this summer and sewing a few spring/summer tops for next year.


Here are the two longies, need to block the ruffles on the one and knit an i-cord




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