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so annoyed!

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Yesterday I was totally in early labor for like 10 hours if not longer.  I was having regular, hard ctx every 10-15 min that felt like a huge painful rubber band was constricting me all the way around - back, front, top, bottom.  I have had a back ache for 3 days...not hungry and forced myself to eat a little bit - more loose poo (oh fun!) felt sick etc.  The whole kit and kaboodle.  I was literally sitting/walking and rocking back and forth and just breathing through them...they hurt and I can handle a lot!

So at 11.30 I decided to go lie down and try to read a bit and rest.  Well, I was able to sleep but am totally annoyed because I wanted to have the darn baby with all of that work and effort I put in!


So....today we're going to run errands, I am going to walk a ton etc.

Any other ideas to make sure that when (because I know it will happen even more so today because I stood up and was like hello ctx!) they come so consistently what else I can do to make them progress even more so they don't pathetically peter out after a LONG day of them.......

PS no more mucus plug but no bloody show either.....

PPS Bitchyness is a way of life at this point - I actually shouted several times at my 2 yo yesterday which I never do and felt really bad about it.  Also he tried touching me during a painful ctx and I nearly flung him onto the couch...just not good.....this baby needs to come out!!!!!!!!!

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sorry mama, that is no fun.  the prodromal labor thing is pretty crappy. but I don't think anything can really kick it in to gear until your body is ready for it.  when is your next appt?  maybe the dr or mw could check you and see if that stimulates things to move along.


have you been doing red raspberry tea?  I made some iced the other day with honey and kept it in the fridge like someone suggested and it was actually enjoyable to drink!  that might help regulate some of what is going on. 


and maybe you can send your LO to a friend or family member for a few hours??  Hope today is more productive for you!

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This happened to me 3 days before my water broke with DS. I was SURE it was real labor and then petered out. 16 hours of contractions growing closer and closer. Just keep that in mind so that you don't lose your mind. haha. It may not be today but it will be darn close! You can do it mama, almost there!!!

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we made sure we were out for the entire morning walking around, running errands, playing outside etc.  Making some RRL tea now.  I've been drinking it a bit and will drink even more.  I actually don't mind the taste at all.  I got a great batch of the leaves from frontier.  :) 

So we shall see...will keep you all posted and let me know if there's anything else I can possibly do to make things happen once they get started!


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I hear you! I had contractions ALL DAY LONG on Friday. They got to be about 7-8 minutes apart, then... nothing. They eventually slowed down and by the time I went to bed they were pretty much gone. And the bitchiness might just  be here until I deliver ;-)


I'm going to ask the MW  to strip my membranes on Tuesday. If I'm ready maybe it'll push me over the edge into actual labor.


Off to make RRL tea now...


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Sounds like we had the same thing happen yesterday.....i even walked and walked and took a shower and laid down and cooked...kept myself very busy...make a really strong batch of RRL tea and DTD....I just knew yesterday or last night was the day....but nada....I did noticed some mucus plug this morning....very very faint...but i know it's different from what i've been having. I know baby will come when he/she is ready....but days like yesterday are really exhausting....I really dont want to wonder to far from the house because i literally get so tired and have a hard time moving around. hugssssss to you and all of us who are feeling soooo READY!

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Sounds like positioning problems, I have a great link to help position baby better but am on my phone, I will post it in a bit from the computer, I had the same thing happen with dd and it turned out she was asynclinitic.
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Originally Posted by kalamos23 View Post

Sounds like positioning problems, I have a great link to help position baby better but am on my phone, I will post it in a bit from the computer, I had the same thing happen with dd and it turned out she was asynclinitic.

would love to take a peak at that link! thanks so much for sending it when you have a chance!


So glad to hear I'm not the only one! so miserable...

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Ok, had to cut and paste because it is on a forum that requires membership:


If you are experiencing a putsy labor (stopping and starting, irregular) or harder labor with no progress - if you have a lot of back labor, etc... this is worth a try. The mechanics of it are like this: Move baby back out of the pelvis a little. Change the angles of your pelvis and give baby a chance to straighten up. Think of it as getting a tight sock over your heel - wiggling your foot helps!

First, assume a knee chest position for 2 - 3 contractions

Next, WITHOUT getting up - roll over on to your side and get into a sims position. Keep the lower leg straight, the upper bent, and rest here for 2 - 3 contractions. 

Now roll on to your back for 2 - 3 contractions, then to your other side (sims position) for 2 - 3 contractions. Get up and see if there is any difference in your labor. If no change, repeat the proceedure, this time rolling to the opposite side of the way your rolled previously. 

It's worth a try, and can make a difference even late in labor...


I did the knee chest position when I was stuck at 6-7 cm with DD and about 20 min after that, my water broke and she came soon after - so it does work! You can do it without contractions as well, just stay in each position for 10min+.

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Oh, and if you haven't tried it, www.spinningbabies.com has some good stuff too.

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awesome thanks so much!  not much in the way of ctx today though sigh...........can I try I try it without the ctx? will it still be effective?

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Baby may be trying to get in a better position. What position do you think he's in?  If he's posterior, that *could* keep labor from starting up full swing.


ETA: saw the other suggestions too...I agree with that. If you aren't having contractions, then assume those positions for 20 min or so. Also, you can try the following:

Walk up steps two at a time, with the same leg. Then go up again with the other leg. Also, walk by taking huge steps where you swing your knee up out and around (you're rotating at your hip) for several steps, then walk back with other side. Curb walking too - walk along the street with the same foot up on the curb, then back with the other foot up.


These are probably more effective if you ARE having contractions because the action of the uterus along with these asymmetrical positions will work together to turn the baby. But, even not, you can do them, and then do them again when contractions start.


Keep in mind, if he IS in a funky position and these maneuvers work, it could stop labor all together for some time (days, etc). This isn't bad!! It'll either get labor going or it'll stop it all together until labor is really ready to start.

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hmmm lots to think about.  How would I know if he's posterior?  My MW haven't said anything in regards to position other than he seems to be in a good position thus far?

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Spinningbabies.com has a belly mapping page to help you identify the back, and if you can feel the back on either side of your belly, then they are anterior as opposed to posterior, either right anterior or left anterior.  Left anterior (LOA) is ideal, while right anterior is usually fine too as they rotate during birth.

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funny you said that as I was just reading the belly mapping page on spinning babies.  The babe is head down, LOA.  His back is on the left and I get kicked on the right and it was on the left that I've heard the heartbeat....


so....what else could be holding things up?  so frustrating when things stall out ya know?

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Yeah, I would be frustrated too if I were in your shoes, it's understandable. You're so ready for labor to start and I would get pretty discouraged when it stopped.


I'm not sure what else to suggest, but baby being in a good position is a big thing, so that is GREAT.  Keep us posted.

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Dd was LOA, but her head was slightly tilted, so it could be something like that, and thee exercises did help.
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Im in the same boat. Last night I had painful contractions that were 2-5 min apart from 1 am to 430 am... They were so painful I couldn't lie down so I got up and cleaned the house in case it was the real deal...... at 430 I laid down and everything stopped..... :o(

Im so darn uncomfortable and can barely take care of my toddler and preschooler... not to mention I am severly crabby. Need to have this kid already!

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