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I have started weaning my son during the day...this is working for us. I let him nurse for nap and at night (he is still an all night nurser).  But, I am having some symptoms that I can't figure out...I have achiness all over my body, in particular my back.  And it's the kind of achey flu feeling - almost makes me feel nauseaus.  I also have something going on in my abdominal area, but that may or may not be related.   My breasts are not engorged, but I do feel a tingly sensation all over.  My nipples are cracked and when he does nurse it is screaming pain.  The only time I have felt like this before is when I had a mastitis infection, but there is not a particular spot in my breasts that feels hard or tender.


It's just weird symptoms and I feel horrible.


My DH mentioned pregnancy, but I haven't even gotten my period back yet so although it's possible, I feel like that's unlikely.