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*July mommas*April 2nd-15th~

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I just thought I'd start the new thread, cause no one else has yet.

What are your babies positions? Are you worried if it turns out breech? What are you doing to make sure of "optimal fetal positioning"? Where do you receive most of your kicks? side, or up high, or down low by the cervix?

Happy spring
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Oh girls...i am a raving mad women~I am seriously losing it.
*sorry this is long*
yesterday, super busy, sewing dresses, cleaning house, running errands...after supper..I realize I really haven't felt the baby much at all that day, I decide its just cuz I was busy and when I settle down..baby will prolly start moving more.

10:30pm...get to bed..nothing~very unusual since baby is usually wide awake and I can usually SEE my belly moving by this time...DH gives me a belly rub and talks to the baby..we both fall asleep. Its pouring outside.

3:00am... Chloe screams out in the night from a bad dream...doesn't wake up..just talking in her sleep...I lay in bed and change positions...still nothing from baby....I start to cry.

3:30am...I frantically search for my stethescope to see if I can hear the baby's heartbeat..can't find the stethescope and decide I need to go to super walmart and get one of those bebe sounds listeners.
Its pouring out and the street are flooded (no sewers in AZ)
get to walmart and they are sold out of that product~just an empty spot on the shelf~ the one time I am grateful for a big city..we have 5 all night walmarts....finally find one and try to hear the baby's heartbeat in the car....no luck. stupid machine.

5am...driving home I start talking to my baby..and then ...he starts kicking!! I was so happy, I was crying! Got home, told DH, ate cereal and went back to bed.

9am..here i am and I am not feeling the morning kicks that I usually feel. Chloe has to go off to ballet...
I don't know if I should call the midwife..who lives 45 min away....or wait til I go to work tomorrow (in the hospital) to have someone check the heart tones...

agh...am I just being crazy?
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It's easy to have that kind of reaction if you feel your baby not moving for some time. I was really wondering a few months ago, because I couldn't feel anything yet, but when I got the heart checked at the doctors, she said he was moving around quite a bit, but I just couldn't feel it.

That is funny, imagining you running from wal-mart to wal-mart, wearing your housecoat, with a crazed look in your eyes, "have to find doppler..." That's what I picture, anyways. :LOL
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Baby's position: Had been head up a couple of weeks ago but I think he may have turned sideways lately. I am worried that he won't turn down. I am more scared about a c/s than natural birth. I just don't like to be cut into or have needles poked in me. Anyway, he was kicking down low on my bladder and cervix but lately he has been kicking on the sides, sometimes both sides at the same time. That's why I think he is sideways now.

I know what you mean about rain in the desert. I hate driving at night in the rain- it's so scary. I think it is even worse in Tucson. We don't have any street lights! I think you should do whatever is going to make you the most comfortable. I understand wanting to feel the baby and hear the heartbeat. Sadly, another friend on another forum due just a few days before me just lost her baby yesterday after not feeling her move. Of course, you are in a better situation than she is, she had low levels of amniotic fluid. I have noticed that sometimes after a busy day I don't feel the baby moving very much either. I usually think he is just as tired as I am and it's time for a nap. I hope something happens to aleviate your concerns.
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Baby is fine...heartrate= 156!

after chloe's dance class, I stopped by the hospital (where my mom works) for lunch...and detoured over to OB....told the nurse my story and she hooked me up to the fetal monitor...baby is just fine...and she commented how much he was kicking~I still couldn't feel it, but she said the baby prolly turned his back to my belly button, and the kicks were more internal, so I couldn't feel it as well..


ah the perks of my mama being one of the hospital directors...

I even got a heart strip for the scrapbook~I think I will call it, "the day mama freaked out and drove to walmart at 3 am"
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WOW...i did the same thing last week...not running to walmart...just loosing my mind b/c i thought baby stopped moving. Turns out, we think baby just turned and there were a lot of kicks I wasn't feeling and I had been very busy so had not been paying as close attention.... I hope I won't be so crazy the rest of this pregnancy

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I was hoping with the new forum we could get rid of this long, difficult to follow thread! My computer time is limited and I can't usually recall where I had read to and who I had responded to.

Any questions that you start a new thread for I will be able to respond to much more easily!

So, for example if you start a thread that says, "What are your babies' positions?" I can do a quick response on my break at work, move onto something else and come back when I have another break.

So, if everyone likes having it all on one thread then I will read what I can, but forgive me if I am silent.
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I think the baby is head down. My ds was transverse until I was about 30 weeks so there is a big difference. I've had a lot of tummy problems. I'm vomiting daily and am sick of it.

We do have an appointment for an ultrasound. I'm so happy I will finally get to see this baby. I also hope to find out the sex. It's on the 12th so it's not that long to go.
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My last appt. was on March 29th. So far I've only gained 3 lbs. With my girls I didn't seem to gain much until about 30 weeks or so. With my 1st I gained 25lbs and with my 2nd I gained 15lbs. I held on to the weight gained with the 1st. It all settled in my hips and waist. : Anyway, I talked to my dr about circumcision and I think next time I go in I'm bringing some print outs from the AAP on how to care for a newborns intact penis. : Other than that, she seems very supportive of my decision. His heart rate was in the 130s and was found right at or above my belly button. As of a month ago he was breech and I don't think that's changed yet. I measured a week ahead of schedule which brings me to the due date according to lmp instead of the ultrasound dates. This also brings us closer to the date that my 4.5 year old says her brother "Jack" will be born. She's named him Jack and that he will born July 21st. She was the one that told everyone over a year ago that there was a boy in my tummy. We weren't even trying to get pregnant then. So maybe she "knows" something I don't.

Does anyone notice if your baby has schedules yet? I've noticed that he is moving around about every 2 hours. I think his head is almost into my ribs on my right side and his bottom half his down by my bladder. Sometimes I think he kicks my cervix. It's a horrible pain that I never felt with my girls. I always carried them so high so this is a new experience for me.
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I'm carrying pretty high, but she's still all over the place. I won't begin to send her head down messages until 28 weeks (so 5 more weeks of serious playtime little one:LOL ).
I do get kicked in the cervix and ouch!! I don't remember that form ds either, but maybe I just didn't recognize what it was. She has no set rhythm yet, but is generally moving after I eat, especially if it's something sweet (fruits included).
sunfairy~ sorry for your scare, and gald everything is okay.
We were in Tucson last week visiting MIL and wow was that rain spectacular! We don't get many thunder and lightning storms where we live, but I did growing up in Indiana, so I loved them last week! And everything greened up so fast!
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haha, things do green up fast but the color all burns away by summer. Then we get more brownish green colors. Right now everything is blooming and growing as fast as it can with the water that it gets. The rains also make some beautiful sunsets and rainbows over the Santa Catalinas. I love living in the desert. And, I have to say that my pg body is liking the break from the heat.
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Sunfairy That sounds like a scary night- of course I am giggling a little about you driving around town searching for the bebe beat finder in the middle of the night I, of course, would never do something like that :LOL sha right!

I honestly have no idea of what my baby's position is- I feel him everywhere at different times. I'm not worried about it at this point, since he's still got room to flip around freely for another couple of weeks.

Up until 18 weeks I'd only gained about 7 lbs. Now at 26weeks its almost 25 lbs! I'm trying to figure out where it's all at : My face and extremities look the same- except for a little bit of extra on my thighs.... I had dh prick my finger (he's diabetic) and check my blood sugar, but its still relatively normal. So, I'm not worried about diabetes.

I don't know how you hot climate mamas do it! We went to AZ 2 weeks ago and my ankles and hands were so swollen from the heat. I was suddenly appreciating the Western WA climate a whole lot more.
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Sunfairy! That's so scary! I'm glad everything turned out okay....
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Does everyone else want to not do the month to month thread? I will change my original thread title to "what's your baby's position?" if you all think we should end the mile long threads.
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I like them! Please don't get rid of it! There is already a forum for specific questions, and anyone who prefers can participate that way. But I don't usually visit the forums, I just get email notifications, so I much prefer these long threads.
Anyway they aren't that long. People aren't posting very much.
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And if the ongoing question right now is 'what is your babies position'...
I'm getting some serious bladder tap-dancing, as well as sideways thrusts that I can feel on both sides of my uterus, which is weird.

Something else I wanted to mention....often when the baby moves, I hear and feel a clicking sound, like bones cracking. Does anyone else get this? Can a fetus crack his bones? Or is it something else?
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I like the big threads :-) its just ours..to be honest I haven't looked at the individual post ?'s.....just here cuz I get an email.

I feel so good...baby is good...dd is good...spring cleaning is happening...And i get 10% off with my gap card the 1st tues of the month (tomorrow) can't WAIT..I have been buying boy clothes like you wouldn't believe!

ahh...must go balance the checkbook

~the worst time of the month~
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O.K., so we'll keep it.

I guess I was worried about the babies position because I am 28 weeks along. I think...... Just checked the calendar, and I'm going to be 28 weeks next saturday. that's 7 months, right?

I'm getting closer every day (as we all are). It is really starting to seem like it's coming sooner now that it's getting to be spring-time.
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Sun glad to hear you're feeling good I wish I could buy clothes this month Alas, the property taxes were due. I'm already looking forward to May....

BTW, I love our long thread because there is no "specific" thing to discuss.

I'm making my first diaper and fleece cover this week. So far I've cut the material for the diaper. I'm waiting now for the twin needles to arrive in the mail, before I can really do much more.

Mamajaza~ IKWYM about it feeling like the "time" is quickly approaching. I have been so emotional (in a happy way) since April started. 3 months is such a short amount of time- I just think "soon I will be holding this baby and we will have a new little life in our home." and the next thing I know I'm crying :LOL
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I love the long chatty rambling threads! It is the next best thing to having a coffee (or soy milk :LOL ) break with a group of pregnant mamas.
When we were in AZ last week MIL bought us a great deal of girl clothes. When we got home dh said, "there seems to be a lot of pink" with his eyebrows raised. What can I say, I never thought I'd get all excited to "dress up" a baby, but I am!!! I was all unisex all the way with ds, but these hormones are brining out the girlie girl in me I never knew existed. . .
lace and frills I still can't do, but those cute little birght pink fairy onsies. . .
Mamajaza~just keep thinking "head down" thoughts to your little one. There's still time and room to move.
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