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Stacey, what a scare! I'm glad your little pumkin is OK.

Since I get so much activity way down low, and very little up by my belly button, I'm assuming this baby is breech right now. If he stays this way by the time I'm 30+ weeks, I'll start paying closer attention to how I'm sitting, etc, but I'm not worried about it right now.

If he is still breech at 36 weeks, I'll start doing all of the low-key turning tricks, and if he's *still* breech at term, I'll probably just go ahead and birth him that way (we have a new OB in town, a woman who will actually attend breech vaginal births ). I've done it before, and after having a negative outcome with external version with my last baby, I'm disinclined to do anything as interventionistic as that.

Joni, 7-17-ish
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It is like a coffee break, hey? I love hearing about how everyone is doing in their pregnancies. I just can't believe that I am almost 30 weeks along. I shouldn't worry about breech, cause I know that I can do it even if the baby is head-up. I've read enough inspiring stories already to convince me of that.

But I did hear about a pamphlet that someone mentioned on another thread, called "optimal fetal positioning". Has anyone around here read that one?
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I too really love the long rambling threads...it's nice to know how everyone is doing without having a specific question or problem to post about. Not sure about position of this babe but I have been more preoccupied with scared thoughts of breech position. I realize it's not time to worry yet though. Anyone know what "causes" breech or are there any exercises/positions that can be done to decrease one's chance of having a breech baby? I have been soooo tired lately so I am going to bed now. Good night, ladies

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During my last midwife check-up, she felt my uterus and said she was pretty sure the baby was head down. At that time, and still, I was feeling most of the movement at the bottom and sides so I don't think feeling the movement there means the baby is breech. It's really only a concern when you are at term anyway....they have plenty of room in the meantime, right?
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jen- I know that there are adjustments chiropractors can make to help the baby get into the head down position. But, I've yet to read anything.

I had a Reiki session done last night, and was told that my baby is an incredibly happy and blissful spirit! I love the thought of picturing him in there content and smiling- perhaps in a meditative pose :LOL
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Hi everyone. Been a while because I couldn't find you gals. I'm at 24 weeks now and I'm pretty sure baby is sideways most of the time with head to my right side. I feel lots of kicking on the left side. Though lately I think he/she is enjoying flipping around and kicking me in the bladder/ crotch area. It doesn't hurt yet though and I just love to feel that little baby playing in there. It's very reassuring, which is why I feel for you Sunfairy - that must've been stressful. I don't worry too much if baby doesn't move for 12 hours or so (well, if I don't feel it move) because there are still days when it's quieter than others, esp. when we've had long, tiring days.

However, I did rent a dopper from heartones.com precisely because I knew I'd go nuts if I started to worry and couldn't check up on the bean. I rarely use it but if baby gets to quiet I check the h/b.

I can't believe some of you are already 30 weeks!! Oh, I can't wait. I'm not worried about breech as much as I am eager to get to a place where my little bean is viable so I could start to relax and worry about labor pains instead! Even though, this being the first, I won't really know what to worry about exactly.

We're starting our birthing class next week and I'm excited to meet other pg ladies face to face. Hope I can find a life-long friend there. Anyone else taking classes?
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I'm not 30 weeks yet... just 28 weeks, but it's getting close.
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We're starting our class next Tuesday. I'm really excited about it because it means we're getting closer and I think that it will clear up some confusion for dh.

I saw a waterbirth on A Baby Story today and it was so nice. Most of the time they show non-natural births and I don't get much out of them. Not that there's anything wrong with a non-natural birth, its just not what I'm preparing for.... Anyway, it seemed as the labor got so much easier once the mama got in the tub and even her pushing seemed less strenuous then it does for some people. I hope that it works that way for me.
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I'll be taking a Bradley class begining the first or second week in May. This seems so late to me...but the class runs for 8 weeks only which means the last class will actually be just a few days before my due date. A dear friend of mine will be going to class with me and acting as my coach as dh is just no equipt emotionally to be strong for me during labor. He's too scared himself. Anyway, long story... so nice to hear how everyone is doing

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Hey, what happened? I hadn't checked in for a little over a week and it turns out we've branched out into individual threads. Too bad - I really liked this format

Well, our birthing class starts this Friday and I can't wait!! I have so many questions and am looking forward to meeting other pg couples live.
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I know that I haven't been around in a while (we have been moving and work has been a zoo!), but I miss the long thread too. It's nice to be able to chat w/o having a specific question to answer all of the time. . . .

I have been doing great, but feeling like this pregnancy is going to last forever! Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying it, but cannot believe that I have three and a half more months! I have been having the overwhelming craving for Barbeque (sp?) lately. I think it is because the Smokehouse resaurant is near my work and I can smell it in the afternoons - It's killing me, I usually wouldn't want that sort of thing, but I have been thinking of bringing take-out home for the past week. : At least I haven't given in to the urge yet.

Hope all of you are well!
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hi everybody!!

Butterfly Mama-congrats on the blissful spirit! I love hearing what others feel/see about this baby!

I've been out of the loop/offline for a while--since March I think! yikes... busy times & lap top (which is newer & faster is in the shop).

Glad to hear all of your stories.

I, too, so love to read the long list of random thoughts/posts for our thread. It's very comforting to me! like hot tea... or like a smoothie since it's warmer here now.

Thanks for everybody who takes time to post.

I'm at 26 wks now. I'm due July 21st.

I had an ultrasound at 22 wks b/c I really wanted to & loved seeing the baby's cute little foot!! and face--lips & mouth moving--maybe swallowing!! I was lying there crying... took dd along so she could watch. It was like no big deal for her. :

They said "probably girl" but I think he's a boy. We'll see in July! It makes shopping a bit challenging for me though.:

I'm wondering if everybody has a car seat. ?? We bought a Britax Roundabout for dd in '99 b/c I heard it was the one they use in Europe... and they drive so fast there... But, when she was tiny (8 lbs.), I remember riding beside her 7 holding up her head even though we bought little wing things for the straps & a little neck pillow/brace thing. While I loved knowing it was a safe seat, I didn't feel like it was the most comfy for a tiny baby. I wish she could have been lying down in a natural position--one that's could for digestion & the spine, etc. I just had an overall bad feeling about carseats with dd--esp. when she was a baby. As a toddler, on the other hand... I felt that it was safer for the driver for her to buckled instead perusing around & distracting, etc... So, I want something safe & sturdy but also comfy. Any advice? (I don't plann to carry around the car seat/ attach to a stoller, etc. so that's not a consideration/isssue in deciding... b/c I prefer the old fashioned carrying in the arms or sling.)
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lists of stuff to get/have already

While I like the mile-long list of July Mamas' posts, I went ahead & posted on the little discussion about what to buy/what you have...

I hope all of you are having good luck with your shopping!!
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holistic 1st aid kit for infant

Does anybody know of a holistic 1st aid kid for infants? I've been looking at health food stores, but I haven't seen one yet. Surely, there's a homeopathic or herbal or ayurvedic one out there. ??

I'm familiar with Hyland's teething tablets, which dd really loved. We used a lot of those... and we've used the Hyland's C plus Cold & the Hyland's Earache tablets. All have worked like a charm.
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At my last prenatal my MW said she could not tell but thought that the baby was head down. Tihs is my 4th and I think it is the most mellow one yet I barley feel it kicking. Im going to make sure my posture is good and Im not slouching to much in to chairs. Baby was posterior for #2 and my labor was long and not fun. Yes Im worried if it turns breech. My MW does not breech at home and we would have to go to the hospital.

edd 7/7
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Welcome Michelle! (mLeroux) I'm just now starting to think about the positioning, too. My midwife told me not to lay back while sitting- glad I don't have a recliner chair

BTW, I think that this thread has been restarted as April 16-30th now.
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