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Seeking Some Advice

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Hello All,


    I'm usually just a lurker but I thought you ladies might be able to give me some opinions. I am currently 25 weeks pregnant with twin boys. These are number 5 and 6 for me. I had an emergency C-Section with my 3rd and a VBAC with my 4th. These babies are most definitely our last, which means this is my absolute last chance to have the birth experience I want.


   Here is my problem. I REALLY want to have a homebirth but have been unable to find a midwife in my area that takes Medicaid. I tried switching my care to a birthing center that is about 30 minutes away but they don't take you after 20 weeks. I do not want to stay with my current doctors for a few reasons

             1) They keep trying to talk me into a c-section even though I have told them numerous times I want a vaginal birth. They also told me that if baby B is breech, I will have to have a c-sect....I don't understand why that would be a required section

             2) I did a little research today and found out that the c-section rates for these doctors are 20 and 27%......I'm definitely not comfortable with that

            3) At my last appt when I tried to discuss the pains I've been having recently, the dr just brushed me off and said "oh well you're carrying 2 babies". I was quite upset by that

           4) Lastly, I really DO NOT want to deliver at the hospital that they are saying I would have to go to because of the twins. I delivered at this hospital with my 2nd and I really did not like the experience


    I am still hoping to find a midwife that takes my insurance AND will take me on so far into the pregnancy but if not I am looking at a few doctors that are in the next city (about 30 min away). I delivered at the hospital there with my last baby and had a great experience.


 I guess what this is all leading up to is how risky is it really to have a homebirth with twins? And what about unassisted? I have joked with my husband that I just may birth them in the tub but I am half serious. I really want a homebirth and i just don't know what to do about this situation. Sorry for such a long post.

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Just wanted to say that I am sending you good thoughts as you make your way through this decision.  Maybe if you start the process of interviewing HB midwives, you'd start to get a good read on whether a BHAC with twins is right for you?



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Thank you for your reply. I'm currently looking for a midwife that will take my insurance but it is proving to be quite difficult and financially we are not able to pay out of pocket for one. I do want to have a homebirth but I am ok with birthing at a hospital if I can find a doctor that isn't trying to push a c-section on me.

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