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Ok, this is a strange one...

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I have a strange thing going on, that I cannot figure out. I'm really, really hoping someone can help me.

For a while now (maybe a couple of years...) I have "new carpet smell" in my nose. No one else can smell it. It's just me. I've tried to figure out if any of the supplements I'm taking may be the culprit, but I've not found that. Sometimes, it's just so overwhelming I feel as though I may suffocate from it. It's not a constant, but it's most of the day, every day.

Any ideas?
Here's what I'm taking:

Nature's Plus Prenatals-1 per day

1 vitex per day

1 tablet of magnesium w/chelated zinc (400mg and 15mg respectively)

1 tablet of folic acid daily-400mcg

the occasional Vitamin C and elderberry, as needed.


Any ideas? I had taken nasal zinc years ago, but haven't used that in a very long time. This has started long since using that.



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That is strange. To me, new carpet has a distinctly metallic smell. I don't know if it's possible for mineral supplements to cause you to smell a metallic smell, though. If it's really concerning you, you may consider blood-work to check your vitamin/mineral levels.

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