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An interesting outlook on the term "step"

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*waves and peeks in*


Hi everyone!  It's been a long time since I've been in Blended since my Single Mommy road started.  lol


I'm actually very happily involved with a loving man who has slowly been building a bond with my children.  He is already able to tell you more about my children than their own father, but I'm sure that won't come as a shock to those of you who remember my posts about their father. (ps. it's JSMa ;-) )


But anyway, I came across this line today, and as some of you may also remember I never was in love with the term step... but this line has made me look at it in a totally different way, and I wanted to share it with all the awesome step parents here.  :D


"(a step parent often)...step up and are the parents that they don't have to be."


That came across as such a profound statement.  In that sense, step parent really becomes a badge to be proud of.  I know when I was a step-parent I got really caught in the malestrom of the "evil stepmom" portrayal and really did not like the word... but this statement... yes... that sounds far more fitting.  :-D



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Thanks, Phoenix Mama! I needed that today!


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That's how I see it, and it's what has happened in my family. DD tells SO that he's the "bestest daddy". I don't know if she's actually comparing him to her birth dad, but I'm glad she has a father that she feels positive about.

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That totally what it's meant where dh is concerned. DS1 didn't even see his dad for about 3-4 years, and only annuallly (at Christmas) for a couple of years before that. Since about six months after the breakup, he's never seen him more than 2-3 times a year, often at the urging of third parties (ex's girlfriend after our breakup, old mutual friends, etc.). He's never paid any child support. DH is his dad, in all but name, and childhood memories.

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I'm not in a blended family but I love the Brady bunch take on this where Bobby wants to run away..


from.18 on.... they ditch the step word quite well.
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That is a great way of looking at it :) Dsd's mom is very much in the picture, but I like to think that I step up to "mother" dsd in our house when she is here. 


Phoenix~Mama, I am so happy to see that you and your kiddos are doing so well!!!!! 

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Holy cow, how did I miss all of this new stuff going on with you! 

And yes, I actually learned not to mind the term "step" (although we are STILL not married after almost 11 years being together hehe)

Anyway, DP's nephew introduces me as his "step- aunt", and I found it kind of cute. I don't mind "step" portion one bit. :)

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I see nothing wrong with the word step. I use it to describe my stepdaughter. My own stepmother finds it to be a dirty word. I just wish people could relax about the word and embrace it.

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