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Anyone else suffer from SPD?

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So up until a week ago I have been pain free. I have had SPD with last 2 pregnancies and it looks like this time it is coming on now in full force. Actually with my last pregnancy it started around 6 weeks so making it to 14 (not per my dates but per my U/S which my doctor is going with2whistle.gif) I was feeling pretty lucky.....


Well, about a week ago the round ligament pain started then a few days later the groin pain/burning began and now today my butt muscles are hurting and burning like I spent hours on a stairmaster greensad.gif which I certainly have not.


I am still on pelvic rest until I have a repeat U/S to make sure the Chorionic hemmorrage has resolved itself. I really want to get to the gym and get some walking in to warm up my muscles or at the very least swim some laps a few times a week.


So is there anyone else who suffers with SPD? Any tips on how you make it through?




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I suffered with SPD while pregnant with our son. I was basically couch/bed ridden the last few weeks...it just hurt me to move at all. I don't have any advice other than to take it easy as much as you possibly can. Did you ever try the brace?


I also have a SCH, between 6 week u/s and 8 week u/s it got a little smaller. Is yours shrinking? Have you bled from it? Did they tell you what size it was?

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I did have some brown spotting once and that is what made me go to the ER and that is how I found out that I had it. They have not told me how big it is. I am supposed to go for a repeat u/s to see if it has gotten smaller but they have not called me to schedule it.... I guess I need to call them... our schedule around here is pretty crazy and it is hard for me to get a sitter..... excuses excuses.... LOL ;)



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I had it bad with #3 but so far nothing this time. I just suffered through it, I had two other kids to deal with and unfortuneately could not just lay around. It was very hard to even put pants on. I'm just hoping I don't get it this time because we now have a 2-story house and no elevator lol. I have noticed my hips are very loose but besides the round ligament pain from sudden laughter/twisting there's been no pain.

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I had it last time, but it didn't start until I was about 4 months in.  I already feel things getting all loosey-goosey this time.  Boo.

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I can't remember which month it started in last time! I've read in some women it starts very early! That would be awful.

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I am in agony right now :( It does not help that we live on the second floor and that I have to go up and down the stairs between 15-20 times a day during the week. I am about to sit down for the night and really try not to do anymore bending or cleaning up. I really hope I can sleep.... I need to go and get a few new pilllows to take to bed with me....



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I developed it with my 3rd, near the beginning of my 3rd trimester.  It was absolutely agony, and I shudder to imagine having it start this early.  I'm plain afraid of going through it again this time.  But I did see a chiropractor regularly once I figured out what the problem was, and the pain diminished incredibly, to the point of barely feeling it after a couple weeks of treatment.  And it didn't become an issue at all during labor, either.  I don't know what else might help beyond that, if chiropractic doesn't help.  Good luck.  Ugh, what a nightmare.  :(

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From an old post of mine in 2009:


This is the fourth pregnancy I've been battling SPD and so far am winning. I do the pelvic rocking on hands and knees 3-4 times a day - sets of 40, and rest in a side-lying position afterward - as recommended in the Bradley classes for all pregnant women. Takes the pressure off your bones and strengthens the muscles that are holding your uterus. Bradley does not recommend support hose or belts because they ultimately weaken those muscles by doing the work for them. Tailor sitting, Bound Ankle Pose, and Mountain Pose, even a short Downward Dog now and then, when I wake up in the morning to help click everything back in place. Also sleep in a side-lying "running" position. I have tried the recommended for SPD side-lying position - knees directly on top of each other or a pillow between, but in my experience this actually made my SPD worse. Have tried a chiropractor (helps slightly for a day or two, but I ran out of money to keep going) and homeopathics before too. 

Hope that helps. Since I have dealt with this before and expected it to come I have been doing these exercises since the very beginning. So far, at 26 weeks, I have minimal pain except when I cross my legs or twist, my hips have to stay square with my top. This is a vast improvement from where I was around this time with the last two pregnancies, needing help just to stand up and crying when I had to get through the pain of getting out of bed. Still, from my experience, it was never an issue during labor and was resolved a week or two after the birth. The looseness of the bones may have even contributed to my quick births (6hr, 3.hr 55 min., 5.5 hrs, and 5 hrs.).

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So things have gotten better for me and I really have not had much pain since the last time I posted. However last night my left hip felt a little sore and as the night went on it got worse. I feel like my hip is out of joint. If I put too much weight on it or twist my body just slightly I get a pain that takes my breath away. It feel like I need it to pop back in place. I have been trying to stretch every which way to get it to pop but I don't want to try too much because I don't want to make it worse. I have my OB appt at 11:15 today so we'll see what she thinks... I really really really do not want to spend the day in the ER!!



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What the heck is Tailor Sitting? Is that what I would know as Indian Style?

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Originally Posted by KABB View Post

What the heck is Tailor Sitting? Is that what I would know as Indian Style?



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I thought Tailor sitting was kind of like "Indian Style" but with the soles of the feet pressed together, pulled in close (sometimes called "butterfly")?

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I have SPD also. I'm sure I had it with my last pregnancy, but my midwife just ignored me whenever I told her about my pain. It hurt a lot more after I gave birth and my midwife told me it would heal up in 8 months. I was still in pain a year later and couldn't afford to go to a chiropractor. Well, I found out at 14 weeks that I have SPD, and it really scares me. I think maybe it didn't fully heal after my last pregnancy (3 years ago).


I'm wearing a belt, and it really helps, but whenever I go for a hike or work in the garden I'm in a lot of pain the next day. I'm a very active person so being inactive is against my nature.


Do others of you experience swelling around the pubic bone? I feel swelling both outside and inside which is really uncomfortable. I already want this pregnancy to be over, but i still have so far to go. It's just put a damper on things for us.

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The pain is so much better now that I'm careful when getting out of bed, and the car- keeping knees together and using a little heat when the surround muscles are tight. I use a brace when doing a lot of lifting- more as a reminder than a physical help.

Right now the worst part is that I can't stop waddling!

I haven't found chiro to help at all. Unfortunately.
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Ugh, I dread the return of this - I have had some clicking and pain already at 16 wks :(  The first time around it got so bad I couldn't lift my legs to put on shoes.


Chiro was a HUGE help to me with my first pregnancy and I guess I will have to head back in for an appointment soon.


Thank you PP for the info above - some of this is new to me and I will definitely try it out!!



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I had it for a week with my first but it was b/c I tried to do the splits at 8 month pregnant. That was UNWISE!!! I was bed ridden for a week but it healed before the birth. O_o
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