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I had an OCD neighbor call CPS on us 2 years ago almost to the week, reporting that we had feces around the house and that I left my kids home alone unattended. HOW they would know this- is beyond me. I was 5 mos pregnant with my 6th and it was spring vacation/spring cleaning week- so they CHOSE that specifically to surprise us when all the kids would be home and make a visit. NO LETTER, no call. I had 2 CPS workers AND an officer, no warrant- just a report.

What does your neighbor having OCD have to do with anything?

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This happened to my family. Don't talk to them. I thought I was fine to talk to the CPS worker that came to our door, but boy, was I wrong. We were in the middle of some major reorganizing and there were bankers boxes stacked up-that made me a "hoarder." My daughter had collected hundreds of games and toys with her girl scout troop for charity and we were the drop off house, contributing to the hoarding label. The list goes on.
The threat is real and very scary. We were unprepared and when we got a letter from them, we took the kids to the zoo. We did some research and were shocked at some of the stories. Its especially frightening for families who live outside of convention and homeschooling, share sleep, breastfeed for years... We paid an attorney instead of rent and it was the smartest decision we could have made. He called the CPS office and they backe off immediately.
DO NOT let them "interview" your kids.
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Yeah that has happened to me. It wasn't a deal...the social worker was really sweet and basically said I don't know why I am here because homebirth is not illegal, heck I would have done it had I not been high risk! She just sat and visited with me for a short time...didn't look around or anything. Just had me sign the paper work and all was good to go. I wouldn't worry about it. As long as you are not really hiding something, then it shouldn't be an issue. =)

Oh and how they did it with me was the social worker never stepped foot into my home without my permission and me knowing that they were coming ahead of time. I had days to get things prepared and no officer came.

Now a different time I had runs in with them and it wasn't as pleasant. This was over my child being labeled "failure to thrive". The lady was nasty and brought an officer.........which could have been a good idea given that I was so ticked..lol.
But in the end, all she could say is that my kids were healthy and happy..........so nothing came of it but stress.

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Yah I called CPS on Grandma that was abusing Grandgirl she was raising. They had calls from 4 others I knew of. The kid was in first grade and not in school or homeschooling. CPS couldn't get in door because you can say no. The CPS person I talked with said well the kid is alive so Grandma has to be doing something right. I thought, Oh great so if she kills her and puts her in the dumster that she keeps talking about. then they will do something. Remember 5 of us had called over this. So one person is not going to make them jump to fast. I live in NY

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