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Cashews and M&Ms...

And french's fried onions (you know..the green bean casserole topping)


Not together. 


But it close succession.  Because one usually triggers me wanting the other.  

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Originally Posted by emmaegbert View Post

chocolate. and sweets. I too have GD and eat a very carb-controlled diet. and OMG. I am wanting sweets really badly. I don't keep them around b/c otherwise I can't stop myself. Last night I actually mixed raw cacao powder, butter, coconut oil, xylitol, stevia and vanilla together and ate it. (this was the best I could do with what we have in the house) It was.... sort of... good. Today I ate two of the kids chewable vitamins after lunch... ah!!

Im lucky in that it does not seem to matter what I eat, my numbers are normal/low...seriously, after pigging out on almost a half gallon of chocolate milk and some whitmans my sugars were 110 after an hour and a half...woot woot.

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