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I think that some of this depends on the age of the child.  I always expect that dishes will be rinsed and in the sink or next to it and that the table will be wiped down, this is a quick and easy job if it is done right after the meal.  For young children I would expect that the toys would be picked up at our house if it is bedtime because we just use a toy bucket and a couple shelves so it isn't a laborious task, it takes maybe 2 minutes if all of the toys are out.  If it was just nap time or if we are talking about older kids who are used to being responsible for their things I wouldn't care because we always do our cleaning at night and older kids should be responsible for their own mess.  Some of this also depends on when she expects you home.  If you are coming home early then I don't think you should be upset that things aren't done because she may genuinely plan on picking them up after taking a few minutes to unwind once the kids are down, especially if she is there for long hours.