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Her ex is saying things to try to make the OP feel as beleaguered and insecure as he does, right now.  ....  He wants her to panic and be ineffective.  


Her kids need her not to.     

I think this is an excellent point. 


OP - your ex is trying to make you feel frustrated, he is trying to make sure you aren't able to stand up and fight (legally) for your kids.  He does not have authority over you, and you can stick up for your kids.  You can be strong.  Now is the time to prove it to yourself!!


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and then he claims he's going to get an emergency order demanding that I move back to his town and he's going to force my husband to leave his job and move back, too. He seems to think that's his right. 

I just wanted to address this because it seems to continue to worry you. The court cannot tell you or your current husband where to live. You are adults and they have no jurisdiction to tell you you have to live in a particular place. ALL they have a say in is where the children live. So don't let your ex's threats about getting an emergency order to make you move or make your current husband leave his job worry you.


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OP ~ i haven't read the whole thread and I really hope it's gotten figured out but I have been in a similar situation (though my kids only visited their dad) it is your job to protect them.Do not let him scare you and if he does try to take you through the mud you really have to stand your ground. these are your babies too! I really hope you didn't send them back to that situation. In a lot of states sending your children (even if its with a parent) into a bad situation<abusive/neglectful/dangerous> can get you in trouble too if something happens and you knew about it. you could both end up without the kids. just an FYI check the laws in the state they are in


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