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Breast pain, help!

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It has been eight years since I was last pregnant and have seemed to forget everything! My breasts are in extreme pain, I know there is soreness and tenderness, but any ways to relieve this symptoms or soothe them ? Thanks so very much.

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I'm sorry.  I have the same problem and haven't found much relief.  Keeping them in one position, such as in a bra is the best I can do.  But they still feel like frozen cantaloupes and my nipples are constantly burning.  I was prepared for slight tenderness...but not such pain this early on.  Some people recommend heat compresses so you could try that, but the shower even bothers mine. 

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It may sound counter-intuitive, as movement at first hurt me, but exercise like simply walking for 15-30 minutes a day has been helping me.

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I have found that massage has helped alleviate some discomfort, that and warm/hot compresses or showers for sure.  I just firmly apply some pressure and sweep from the center, down around the bottom and up the side a few times and it seems to help.  Also, wearing a softer bra with support, or even just a cami, can be nice.


Hope it helps!  I feel your pain! 

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I recently had mysterious breast pain and it turned out to be thrush. I slathered some yogurt on there for a couple days and the pain stopped.

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