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Ugh! The last 10 pounds!

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For those of you who have lost all the baby weight, do you have any secrets for that last stubborn bit that wants to stick to you forever? I am BF-ing and have lost everything I gained with Claira but still have the 10 that I never lost after my first pregnancy. And it WON"T BUDGE! haha. I guess I really thought that BF-ing would zap that lat bit away too. I have been watching what I eat and trying to sneak in some exercise where I can.


Am I being unrealistic about losing it already? Baby is 8 weeks on Friday.



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There are people that have lost their baby weight already??? Hmmm I always went back to my pre preg weight without really trying. I have about 15lbs on me still at 5wks pp but I sure don't care right now... I plan to get back into running in Sept when my 2 oldest are in school full time (i just started running about 2 yrs ago) but right now I walk wherever & whenever I can fit it into my life but I can't stop eating so I don't worry too much... 9 months to put it on, 9 months to take it off, they say :)

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come join us in the health and healing forum/fitness and weight management..... you'll find the postpartum weightloss thread. I also started tracking my food and vitamin and water intake on the babyfit website, which is part of sparkpeople. HTH!


Oh, I am still up 12lbs from my prepregnancy weight but have lost 24lbs since birth on Jan 23rd. Not Bad!

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Sounds good! After I posted I thought maybe I was getting ahead of myself. I have already lost 30 since Feb 4. I'll have to check out those threads and sites.  That having a new baby is totally breaking me of any shred of perfectionism or control-freak-ness I had in me. haha. Thanks!

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I haven't even lost the first 10 yet!  I think there is something wrong with my metabolism....I have barely lost anything since the day or so after having him, yet I'm not eating all that much and feel like I'm always hungry... ugh!  I have 40 # to lose!  YIKES!

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WIth my first it took 11-12 months to loose all the weight but then with extended breastfeeding I lost another extra 8lbs. This was by being active but no scheduled exercise. This time my kido is 2months, I have lost 30lbs and have another 25-30lbs to go. 

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Originally Posted by Cujobunny View Post

There are people that have lost their baby weight already??? 

That's what I wanted to say! :)

With my first two pregnancies, I got down to the point you're asking about without any diet or exercise. I never did lose those last 10 b/f getting pregnant again. In my experience, the extending breastfeeding KEPT those 10 pds, on. I was just always so hungry--or at least hungry enough to keep that extra weight on. The first 20 though did come off naturally with breastfeeding though, and i ate whatever I wanted. Now, after my third, I am actually trying (really watching what I eat) and it is coming off sooooo slowly. I am frustrated too, but going to start with some exercise this week. I keep reminding myself that losing it slowly is a healthy way to go and will be more likely to keep it off too. 

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