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Thanks ladies. The first birth I didn't feel some type of traumatization from! Highly recommend this path to all who can.


On a downside, got the SSC in the mail today. They misspelled his name. :/ Oh well. Now I've got to deal with that small hassle. :)

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Oh geez! That's a bummer! Maybe someone in the SS office needs some enlightenment on UC... ;)

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I am so Happy for you 


When you said, "But, I'm capable, I'm braver, I'm better, I'm stronger, and I'm healthier than I was before. I never once was in fear, I knew I could do this and that everything was going as it should, and it kept me strong enough to handle it. And now there is room in my heart for forgiveness. Forgiveness of the past, forgiveness of myself, forgiveness of other people I have judged. This was a good thing for me, and I needed it"

 I really connected with that. You put words to how I felt especially about forgiveness of others and the past. My birth really changed me in that regard. 

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