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Bum cream - mandatory?

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I always slather on the bum cream at each diaper change. DS is in cloth. Do you use diaper cream? Under what circumstances? Are your LOs in cloth? I use up the bum cream so fast because I'm so generous with it but I wonder if it's necessary. My wallet is also wondering if it's necessary.
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with cloth diapers i sure don't! if my ds has a bad rash and some cream is necessary, I put it on at bedtime and put him in a sposie for the night. those creams can cause nasty build up on cloth! if there's no rash, its definitely not needed

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I only ever use it if there is a rash. I definitely do not use it at each diaper change.

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Oh, no, definitely not necessary.  I do as the PP mentioned if she has a bad rash or diarrhea (which causes an AWFUL rash) - slather on the cream and use a disposable.  Otherwise, I just try to make sure her bum is good and dry before putting on new diapers. 

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It won't let me edit but I just wanted to add that I do use cloth friendly creams.
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i have never used diaper cream on either of my children. we use cloth.

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I do if there is a rash - and it takes more than just overnight to heal, so I use cloth friendly cream and go for a few days.

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Only if there is a rash, or if they have a tummy bug that's causing more frequent BM's, because both my boys get a red raw butt when they have frequent poo. 

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fwiw if we have a hint that a rash is coming on (my ODD never had a diaper rash), I rinse well with water, pat dry, and put breastmilk on it.  Then I give DD as much time diaperless as I can (she is not mobile yet and I am a sahm so we hang out with some trifolds on my lap or loosely pinned on her).

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I use coconut oil with cloth diapers. I put a tiny bit on her bum at each change to help prevent a rash because she was getting pretty red and rashy before using it. Plus, a large jar is cheap and will last a long time.
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My DD is 3 months old and I have never used cream so far. She has never had a rash; we use cloth about 90% of the time.

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I use cream or sweet almond oil (cheap when you buy it in bulk) maybe 2 or 3 times a week but definitely not every time. Pretty much agree with everyone above.

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I only use it when his bottom looks bothered. He's in cloth.

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Same as everyone else, we only use it when DS has a red bum, which is not very often. During a recent bout of stomach bug he got a diaper rash so we were using plenty of it then. We use disposables bag.gif

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Nope, don't use anything.

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We use cloth, and I don't use it often. DD has had a couple of diaper rashes that I think are more from reactions to food, so I've put it on a couple of times to help those clear up. We're still on our first tube of it, and she just turned one. 

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I wanted to add that I use Huggies Little Movers and I have never had to apply butt cream unless he had reall acidic poop (following a lot of mango or other fruit with more acid, for example) or if he's having some gastro problems . I definitely don't put it on every day. I also don't let my baby sit in a diaper too long, unless it's night time. Sometimes he will be a little bit redder at night, but I think that's from the warm wetness of pee all night long.

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I only use cream when there's a reason. In fact with my 2 month old I don't recall if I've used any on him at all. We use cloth during the day, sposie overnight. (Well, I'm hoping to move my infant into cloth overnight at some point but I need to find time to sew diapers and I'm hoping to soon convince my toddler that the potty is so much better than dipes.)

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I don't use cloth, we use disposables, and I almost never use butt cream.  I have a 2 yr old and a 6 month old and I am still on the tube we bought before the 2 yr old was born. 

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Same as many of the pp. We use cloth, no cream needed here.  We do make sure everything is dry (pat or fan the bum during diaper changes) before we put on a new diaper.  If there is a bit of redness or rashy red spots (or an abrasion from velcro or my fingernails), we use a small amount of herbal salve (olive oil based) or make sure she gets an herbal bath before bed and that will clear everything up by the next day. I second using natural oils (coconut, sweet almond or even olive), they are not very costly an a little goes a loonngg way.

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