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We used some initially, then discovered that DD loves some nekked bottom time after a diaper change, and that seems to have cured any redness.


She is changed in her crib and she likes to sit for 5-10 minutes with a flat diaper under her before we fasten it. She is so happy and it is good for her skin!

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We cloth 99% of the time, so I never use cream. When she's rashy, we either go naked or use only a prefold with a snappi, and change it as soon as she pees. We use cornstarch to make sure there is no leftover moisture from wiping.

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My lo uses non-chlorine diapers during the day like Earth's Best or Seventh Generation and Pampers at night. I only use cream if he has a rash.

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only if there's a rash.


I still have the same thing of cream that I was given when DD was a newborn... she's 5 yrs old now and that tube has gone through 3 kids and is still not even close to half way gone.

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(didn't read all the replies)


I only put on cream if son's skin started to look red, and only put it on those areas.

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Boy, I feel dumb (for lack of a better word). I slather it on every diaper change because I thought I should... DS' skin looks different, (dry wrinkles) where I've always applied the cream, from the rest of his body. I'm going to stop using it. Thanks for all of your replies. I take it coconut oil (which we use as a moisturizer) won't make my cloth repel?
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Nope, coconut oil is just fine for cloth! And that you can use every diaper change without a worry, if you are so inclined.


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I use cloth and never use anything except a wet cloth.  DS is 5 months.

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I have used both cloth and disposable diapers on both of my littles.  And, I have never regularly used any sort of product.  DD never had a diaper rash.  DS has not had one yet.  I have found that simply changing the diaper often, cleaning the diaper area thoroughly and allowing for plenty of naked tush time prevents most rashes.

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