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Total Cholesterol too low (113) - Vitamin D at 30 (is that too low)

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I have always had good cholesterol and on the mid to low end of normal range.  I just had some bloodwork done and I am kind of alarmed at a huge drop in my total cholesterol which went from 161 in 2007 (latest labs I could find) to 113 this last week.  


Here are the rest of the numbers: 


Last week lab: 

Total 113 Normal range is 125-200 

HDL 46  Normal Range is > OR=46

Triglycerides 36 Normal Range is <150 

Chol/hdlc ration 2.5 Normal Range is , OR=5.0 

LDL 60 <130 


The old 2007 labs were 


Total 161 Normal range is 125-200 

HDL 54  Normal Range is > OR=40

Triglycerides 53 Normal Range is <150 

Chol/hdlc ration 3 Normal Range is , OR=5.0 

LDL 96 <130  



Now from 2007 til now I have lost 40 lbs and I am excercising now on a regular basis which I never really did before.   


Also my thyroid IS hypotyroid and at the moment out of wack.  
Anyway I am planning on adding more good cholesterol to my diet do you guys have any other input? 


ANYBODY ELSE with low cholesterol?  I dont think this is a good thing.  I know it is linked to depression and anxiety (anxiety I am experiencing) 


Also my vitamin D was very borderline at 30 normal is 30-100 but some people consider 30 too low. 


Thanks for any input you can have. 

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Yes, 30 is too low. It's not even borderline. You might read on the vitamin D council website. But I'd aggressively supplement that. A healthy adult can take up to 10,000 IU per day of D3 (only the D3 form) safely regardless of levels. So take 10,000 IU 6 days a week is my advice and what I did. You can get 5000 IU pills (again, D3 form). Skip Sunday or whatever so you're under that 10,000 per day amount over-all in a given week.

Yes, low cholesterol isn't good. I'd just add in fish oil and others healthy fats though rather than worry too much about it right now. Do a repeat and i wonder if it will be back to normal. Coconut oil will raise it if you feel you need to go up.

Are they addressing the thyroid? That will definitely mess you up. There is a wealth of information on thyroid issues on this board. I'm not personally knowledgeable though.
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I had very low cholesterol after my son was born.  I wasn't eating enough fat.  I added fish oil daily and increased the amounts of butter/coconut oil.  1 year later when I was retested my cholesterol went from 119 to 175.  I also feel a ton better.

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Thank you Rachelle! Yes we are treating the thyroid and I am going to go for a repeat bloodwork in a few weeks when we give it a chance to adjust to a higher dose. The whole thyroid, cholesterol, vitamin D all goes hand in hand - I am going to try and find a better more holistic doctor that will look at all of it together.   I def. want to try and raise the cholesterol so I will be upping healthy fats and adding coconut oil. Thank you moonlight mom for your input.  That gives me hope! 

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By the way for those that might be reading this I found out that there is a new study that shows that for women your cycle can make your cholesterol fluctuate by as much as 19% - I tested right before the start of my period which is when your cholesterol is at its lowest.  Hopefully I will retest after adding more fat and have a better number.  


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