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Hi everyone.  I just completed the appliccation process for Lionbridge.  I would like to see how everyone is doing with this firm.  How long before they send out their tests?  Once approved, did you like working for them?  Have you been able to get a least 10 hrs of work each week, that's about all I'm looking for.  Any feedback would be appreciated.

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There is a long thread on this forum that will answer all your questions and then some.  Here it is.


The time it takes for them to get back to people once they've applied varies greatly.  I don't remember how long it took for me, but it was a while...a month maybe.  I do enjoy the work and have no problem getting at least 10 hours a week.  Good luck to you!

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Hi i applied before failed 1 test......2nd time round feeling good thus far,just done the survey    mini test.

I been following this thread just joined today.

can anyone give me info of other companies also looking for internet assesment role as i saw somebody mention that on this thread earlier.


they are good company have quick professional responses all time.


hoping pass next steps.


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Hello Ladies!

I just signed up because I read your thread about Lionbridge and I am currently testing (1st part) with them. I have 3 more days to complete it and I am definitely reading all those pages.  I think I will take test tomorrow night since I work from home during the day as an Interpreter over-the-phone. Thanks Ladies for all your pointers, it helped me so much, and hopefully I will pass it!

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I failed the 2nd part of the exam and was really disappointed, but they tell the truth when they say they will contact you with another opportunity.  They did and I'm waiting to begin tasks :)

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I failed the 1st part of the test. I am so overwhelmed with my day job and my 3 sons, and the youngest baby is 7 months old, plus I am doing school online. That my husband was wondering when I would have time to take on another job. And it was not God's will for me as it would have been too much to take on and keep my sanity and my family life. So, another maybe. After I graduate in June, then maybe I can look for another job to pay off my student loans.  Congrats to those that passed the test though because it requires a lot of studying and time!

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