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HBAC in houston area...

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Hi....I'm in the Houston area (Humble to be more specific) and my husband and I are planning to conceive our third child in July.  After much deliberating and soul searching, we are really wanting to try a vaginal birth.  I have been told several times that Houston is NOT the place for VBACs, but several midwives will do HBACs in the houston area.


Here's my issue.  I can't FIND one....either they don't answer their phones, or they work at a birthing center now.  In order for my insurance to cover, it would need to be with a CNM....does anyone have any suggestions?!?! 


Just for informational purposes: my first was due to medical issues (kidney failure and hypertension) but my second was a wonderful pregnancy but was told by my Dr. "no VBAC" and was too naive to think otherwise.  :( 

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I'm seeing Pat Jones, CNM and we're planning a HBA1C.  Working on insurance issues now (issues with BCBS, now with Pat), but otherwise I think she's an excellent choice for us and she has lots of VBAC experience. 

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Thanks for your response!!  I spoke with Pat a few nights ago, and she was just WONDERFUL.  However, she isn't taking any new patients right now :(  Since husband and I are TTC in July, the "guess month" falls at a poor time for her.  She referred me to another CNM, but she wasn't very nice in regards to the VBAC issue.....she kept trying to tell my to go to LBJ hospital for the birth :( 


After alot more research, it's looking like I will end up with a local Dr. who does several VBACs and our local hospital is very pro-VBAC as well....

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Do you mind telling me the name of the doc and hospital? I just found out I'm pregnant, and I live in Livingston. None of the area hospitals allow VBAC, so I would be willing to drive to Humble. Thanks!!!

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