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Congratulations on all the bfp so far!


This is our 2nd cycle ttc #4. I'm 28, dh is 29. We've been married for almost 10 yrs and have 3 children ages 11, 8, and 2.5 (2 girls then a boy). I had an early miscarriage in 2007.  I have a while before knowing if I get a bfp. I don't even ovulate until around Friday. If I get pregnant my due date will be around Dec 28th. My first dd was born via c-section because she was breech. My other 2 children were both unmedicated vbacs in the hospital with a midwife. With baby #4 I'm highly considering either a homebirth or a birthing center.

If your baby was breech this time, would you still choose a homebirth (or birth center, but they won't "allow" you to)??? I just wanted to encourage you that I had a breech homebirth and since you have had vaginal births since, you should be capable! I just wanted to encourage you that homebirth is amazing and I wouldn't trade my breech homebirth for anything!!! Hope you get your BFP!

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I called a highly recommended homebirth midwife, and I have an appointment set for next Tues. I've been in shock all day, I am so excited, and so nervous.. I know how badly I handle pregnancy, lol.. and this baby's EDD is my finals week! :yikes:

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Hi there! I have been lurking and waiting for the Dec. group to open. According to my LMP my due date should be Nov. 26 but I went 8 and 9 days over with my sons so I'm counting on sometime in the first week of December.

My husband and I have 2 DS (4.5 and 2), and I am SUPER excited and ready for #3!!!


I'm feeling really great so far. Sore nipples (DS2 is still nursing) are my biggest complaint. My uterus is a little crampy and every once and a while I get a twinge of nausea but it passes quickly. We are planning a homebirth (DS2 was a wonderful homebirth). I am looking forward to everything having to do with this pregnancy... but a little nervous about learning to juggle 3 little ones! Thank God for His grace!! :)


@Nicole- Just wanted to throw out there: a test taken later in the day (or even your 2nd or 3rd pee of the day), this early on, will definitely be lighter.

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Hi all! I'm pregnant with #2 (have a son, 2.5 years old). I think I'm due Dec. 2nd. We were on our 1st cycle TTC and I was convinced that it would take some time, even though we conceived DS on the 1st cycle, but I was happily proven wrong! Got the 1st BFP about 5 days before my period was due and then tested again 3 days after I was officially late with another BFP. My 1st appointment with my midwife group isn't for about another month. So far, not too much in the way of symptoms - some twinges of nausea and a bit of lightheadedness.

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Yeah Dec Mommies!


My due date is 12/1...seems like a popular day!  I think the big giant moon helped the little ones burrow in :)  


This will be my second.  Feeling a bit tired and occasionally weepy, but otherwise no issues yet.  I had hyperemesis with number one, so I am really nervous about it hitting again.  Have my first appointment with a midwife Monday...trying to figure out if we can afford homebirth :(  

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If your baby was breech this time, would you still choose a homebirth (or birth center, but they won't "allow" you to)??? I just wanted to encourage you that I had a breech homebirth and since you have had vaginal births since, you should be capable! I just wanted to encourage you that homebirth is amazing and I wouldn't trade my breech homebirth for anything!!! Hope you get your BFP!

I would consider a homebirth if I have another breech baby. I've watched some breech birth videos online and they are inspiring. Both midwives I had with my 2nd and 3rd baby said I would have had no problem giving birth to a breech baby.



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Good! That is so great that you have looked into it! I would do mine all over again too! It's incredible,no matter what position your baby is in, to birth on your terms! That is awesome!

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Hi guys! I set up a "roster" thread for December if you guys wanna mosey on over! I figure here we can chat and connect, and in the roster thread we will have our "official" count and stats, etc.

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How is everyone feeling? I've been way overly sensitive today and my appetite is definitely up!

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SierraBella: OMG I was going to post about appetite! I'll be 4 weeks tomorrow and my appetite is CRAZY. I had no idea to even expect this so soon. I have to get my snack game together ASAP. Other than that, just feeling bloated, haven't buttoned my pants at work in 3 days.

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I just started getting sickish today, but it could just be normal day to day tiredness too-- I'm working part time midnights right now, and I think my body is taking it harder than it used to!


I'm definately hungry all the time, but it's not my stomach, it's that my tastebuds just want something fun and yummy all day long. I'm trying to eat lots of fruits and cheese and veggies to keep myself busy. Hoping to keep myself occupied with those so I don't gain a bunch of weight from chips and chocolate!

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I'm ending my 5th week and I feel like the hormones hit hard starting last night. All at once I felt like I had to pee, throw up, scarf something, and cry, and I couldn't figure out which to do first! lol :)  I feel you ladies on the appetite- I wasn't expecting it to come this early but all of the sudden it's out of control!! Luckily it's not junk that I want but I still feel like I'm going to gain weight very quickly! huh.gif

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love to join you girls, I am due 9th December (if I did the calculation right). I am so excited, and worried, and exciteddizzy.gif. I need to tell my boss already, because I have an "unclear CMV status" and am therefor not allowed to work (until end of next week). I don´t really want to tell him already. 


I am pretty frightened to get hyperemesis again, it was so bad. But it was worth it. 

Trying for a doula now! With the weather in dec around here (at least last year) this might become a homebirth....

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I all I'm due the 12th I have a 10 month ds this one worked second cycle with iuis . I'm just moving ino my 4th week and tired ! And Hugery !!! And I don't want chocolate ?????? Or pickles ??????? And my sense of smell is a little worse but it's all mild exept the cholate thing
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Cautiously joining. DH and I have a 2.5yo DD, and then losses at 5wks in July, and 8.5wks in December, so I am feeling very anxious, but wanting to be hopeful that this babe will really join our family in December. I wasn't charting as carefully as I usually do but I'm pretty sure my EDD is Dec 6th.

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Hello, December Mamas!

BFP!!!! BFP!!!! BFP!!!! joy.gif Soooo excited!

I just had my IUD removed, ovulated two days later, and two days after that, knew I was pregnant. Then I spent the next 12 days doubting it, and a total wreck. But now I've got my faint BFP, and I'm so glad. The last two days were absolutely nuts with wonder/worry (and serious annoyance at DH, who thought I was rediculous for insisting I'd conceived.)

Here's how I "knew": I felt the presence of my child, so so real. Then, breasts got sore (I was guarding them from passersby this weekend!), dizziness came on, and tender uterus-crampiness came also. All this after having unprotected sex for the first time ever! Isn't it supposed to be much harder than that?


This little one is due at the perfect timing for our lives, and on my birthday! Hopefully it sticks, because it feels meant to be.


Did any of you "just know" before BFP?

Anyone planning/have done UC?

Should I expect this full-feeling and tingly uterus the whole time? It feels full, just like AF is about to start, but my cervix is very tightly closed.



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I didn't just know... we were taking a month off to avoid a Christmas baby, and because we were moving house. I started to wonder at 11DPO,w hen my usual spotting didn't arrive. I can't remember about the full feeling... I think it sticks around (it's the uterus stretching) but that it makes sense for it to feel like that when you're visibly growing, so you don't notice it as much.

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