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Ugh, come on food.. DIGEST!

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I remember this from last pregnancy.. can't really remember doing much about it other than enduring. Ugh. I haaate this. So I had a decent sized meal about 5 hours ago. I can still feel it festering in my stomach, trying to walk back up my esophagus..EW! No burning feeling, just *gross* and its making me nauseated. What can I do to help my food digest?! I'm just under 8 weeks. This suuuucks. Its almost bed time but I don't think I can lay down like this. 

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I had this worst with my first pregnancy, so just wanted to say I hear you!  I had to eat very small quantities of food at a time; that was the only thing that ever helped.  When I ate more, I just had to tough it out.  It did resolve somewhat later in the pregnancy.  In my other pregnancies I have had it off and on.  It's gross and unenjoyable for sure.  Especially when you are burping up the meal constantly for hours ...

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Peppermint tea. It works. Fabulously.

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Ditto on the enzymes.  Seems like for my second pregnancy, the digestive system just stopped working in the first trimester.  It felt like nothing was being digested.  I read somewhere that you could test to see if you were making enough stomach acid by sipping apple cider vinegar in water; if you felt better, you maybe didn't have enough stomach acid.  That worked for me so I started taking betaine HCl (stomach acid supplement) and digestive enzymes... and IT WORKED!  I stopped needing them a few weeks into my second trimester.  Good luck!

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ooh.. I DO have some betaine hci in my cupboard. With something else in it. Pepsin? I think that's it... Anyway, I was trying to google if I ould take it while pregnant and couldn't find anything either way. And really, last night was so bad, I was terrified to so much as have a sip of water. I don't know if I could have managed to swallow a pill. After I started feeling a teensy bit better, I chewed on a lemon wedge with a tiny bit of baking soda sprinkled on it. NO WAY am I doing the acv test. I will throw up, positively, if I already feel a little queasy. It doesn't matter if it's hiden in apple juice, water, honey, or any ombination I cannot tolerate it! But yeah.. Digestive system shut down. That's an excellent way to put it. I might need to start eating those betaine hci pills like candy. I'll call my mw and see if she can recommend some enzymes!
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Okay, I called my midwife and her voicemail said she was out of town for a few days, and had her back up number. So I called that midwife! (Luckily someone I sorta know, we've met in person and she's active in the ICAN chapter!) and she actually said to hold off on the betaine hci until the 2nd tri, but suggested I look for a papaya enzyme supplement that also had pineapple enzyme (bromelain) and calcium. I found one that had both and listed calcium carbonate as inactive ingredient. Geez, I'm so traumatized by last night's incident. It was unbearable. That needs to NEVER happen again. I've only eaten like, 2.5 eggs scrambled tonight, chased by the enzymes, because I'm freaked out that I'll eat too much again. I'll probably make a smoothie in a few min. my vitamix predigests for me so hopefully it'll go down easy :/

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Having a cup of coffee after a meal can help. So can chamomile, ginger, or catnip tea.

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