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Working, Pumping and Stress Oh! My!

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I am hoping that all of you wise women can offer a little advice. Let me just get it all out as I am in need of a cathartic experience. My DD is almost 4 months old. DH watches her since he is in grad school. DH is out of town, my FIL was here watching her and now my mom is here. Mom is telling me that babe is hungry, ('how do you know how much she is getting when you nurse, you should see her wolf the bottles down?!?') I am stressed, I am pumping and since me mom has been here supply is going down....I will have the weekend off and a couple more days too. I am thinking about Fenugreek but I am wondering if I should just focus on nursing since I don't pump when we are together. She is nursing fine at night. (I only pump once per day since I go home for lunch.) I am wondering if my mom is feeding her too much and then maybe she isn't nursing as much and that's why I am not able to pump as much. To top it all off, we are also thinking about daycare for the fall and that is stressing me too...Thanks for listening
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Is your mom feeding her anything else besides breastmilk?

I'd suggest that you spend the weekend in bed with your baby, nursing. Literally. Other folks will be able to suggest herbs or other substances to increase milk supply (oatmeal is one I hear mentioned frequently, in addition to fenugreek). But nursing more frequently, for longer periods of time, is the primo number one way to increase your supply.

If your mom or her presence is stressing you out, then maybe you could gently tell her that your milk supply is down, and that you really need to spend the weekend and the days thereafter getting it back up to par, and that you'd really, really appreciate it if you could have a bit of space in which to do this. Dunno how feasible this is (eg, is your mom in from out of town, and is staying with you for a fixed period of time?). But it's worth a shot.

Good luck! By the by, you might want to check out the breastfeeding board ("Getting started and overcoming difficulties") re questions about how to increase supply. You might also want to run a search in that forum for prior discussions.
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Been there, done that...

Melsie--oh, boy, do I remember feeling like this about a year ago with dd#2...take a few deep breaths and focus on one thing at a time--it sounds like you are doing a great job--just remember that!

Re: the baby taking the milk from the bottle faster, so is therefore still "hungry"--You might remind your mom that because it is easier for the baby to get milk from the bottle, of course they are going to take the bottle more quickly. I got a few comments like that from my dcc provider. Do you have a freezer stash? If not, it might be worthwhile to do a little extra pumping on the weekends, or add another pumping session into your weekday, so you build one up.

Re: your supply being compromised--WATER WATER WATER. But I'm sure you know that. Some people recommend a supply booster--I can't remember what it is called, but somebody here probably can. I never had to resort to that, but it was helpful to know that it was out there.

Hope this helps. And chin up, it is Friday!

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I agree with the op, about spending lots of time nursing, and not letting your mom drive you crazy. Maybe you can also add an extra pumping session in the workday, for extra 'stimulation' to get supply up. And if your dd is doing any solids, consider cutting those out.
And of course I know your mom is helping you and is probably otherwise a great grandma, but what you need is support and not criticism. Anyway you can ask her to back off a bit?
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Personally, I found that the more that I stressed on quantity, the worse it was. That said, I also spent a time taking Fenugreek, Blessed Thistle, Omega 3, and Domperidone. I am much better now, and I think that the don't sweat it approach has worked best for me.
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i agree with what other posters have said. Maybe if mom's worried you can go to your doc and have them reassue her with a weight check?
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