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This is what I wanted to say. It depends on if you want to do it. You DD doesn't *need* to do tumbling. But it's a nice thing to do. Our kids also do things like that but they would be cut if we couldn't afford it or were trying to cut back more.

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I guess what it comes down to is if you and DH really want to cut the budget.  How much convenience you want, how much comfort you want etc.  Everyones level is different.  When I look at your budget I seen many things that can be cut.  But thats me, not you.  AND your Dh needs to be on board too.  The other reality is your wont be on your parents insurance forever so I would look at a budget with numbers where my household would be paying all the costs.


When my DS was 2 yrs old we lived at the library.  We did story time several times a week.  Sometimes we went to different branches/library locations for a bit of variety.  There is no reason you cant go to the park when its cold outside.  Obviously if the playland is buried in snow that makes things difficult but just cold shouldnt be a problem.  Get a jacket, sweater, hat etc.

For socializtion DS and I joined a mommy group and for a few dollars a month we went to playgroup at someones house.  The scheudle rotated.


You and DH need to really want to cut the budget.  You both need to give things up.  Maybe internet stays but then everyone gets at home haircuts. (just an example).


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We were facing a constrained budget last year and what seriously made a big difference was starting a babysitting cooperative! We trade sitting with other families in our neighborhood and eliminated our babysitting costs entirely. Total lifesaver. As a result, I started a company to offer this to others.


I have a babysitting coop site that just launched -- currently in beta. Hope it helps you out! http://www.sittingaround.com

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I can't see the budget document, but from looking at this thread, I'm seeing a lot of helpful suggestions on ways to cut your budget, and a lot of excuses from you about why you can't do those things.  Which is fine -- IF you find a way to make extra money.  There are only two ways to balance a budget: spend less, or earn more.


Everyone has something they can do to bring in a little extra cash.  You were donating plasma before, which is great!  There are plenty of websites (and probably even some threads here on the forums) about ways to earn extra money in spare time.  Babysit other people's kids during the day, walk dogs, sell baked goods to friends/neighbors, start an Etsy shop, find some (legit) work to do from home on the internet.


If you want to keep the extras, you're just gonna have to have more money to work with!

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