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Bra free during pregnancy and nursing?

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I've been going bra free for a couple of years now, and 5 months into my pregnancy have so far have not had any problems or discomfort doing so. However my mom keeps telling me that once I start to produce more milk, and especially once I start to nurse, that I'll definitely  need to wear a bra because your boobies get really sore and also because of the leaking.


So I was wondering if there are any other ladies on her who go bra free, and what they do when they are nursing to help with leaking? I was joking with my mom that I'll just wear a bathing suit, but short of that I'm not really sure what to do- just wear lots of layers?

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For the most part I don't wear a bra when at home and I wear a supportive tank or nursing tank instead. Way comfier and then you still have a place to put the nursing pads.

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I'm not a big fan of being bra free for myself, mostly because I'm larger chested and I don't like the feeling of them just swinging around...LOL.  But, I don't think pre/post pregnancy was really any different though.  Once your milk comes in they'll be fuller and more hard if you haven't nursed in a while.  If anything I'd say having a bra on when you're really engorged is more painful than going without one (I couldn't because I leaked really bad though).  In the beginning I leaked a lot but once the baby gets a little bigger and is more efficient at eating and draining all the milk I feel like the leaking almost stopped completely between feedings unless I was bending over pushing on my breasts.  I produced a lot of milk though.  There were many times that I was spraying the baby in the face because I couldn't get them latched on fast enough.  In the beginning you may want to wear a sports bra or tank that has the shelf type thing just to hold the breast pads in place like the pp mentinoned.  It will still give you the feeling of being somewhat bra free but keep your clothes dry.  You may even find that you don't leak that much and it's manageable without a bra. 

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