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Day Care Suggestions Catonsville Area

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Hello -


I'm pregnant with my first and trying to get a jump on day care.  I'm an RN, work 2-3 days during the week (varying days), and my husband is a Teacher.


Can anyone recommend a good day care place in the Catonsville area (especially that would accommodate a shifting schedule)?




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Hi awalte4!


i see there haven't been any replies.  i don't have any recommendations since I'm unfamiliar with the "daycare relm".  but perhaps you could offer a second location that's up for consideration?


I'm sure there are plenty of daycare options in catonsville - but haven't really seen any mentioned here. 

i think there's a yahoo group of catonsville parents. if you haven't checked it out you might try that :)


Good luck in your search and congrats to you new little one!!! joy.gif

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