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It's a girl! *Updated with birth story and pics*

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I had my baby Priscila Marie on March 27th @ 6:08am, after a fairly good labor! Birth story and pictures to be added later. We are both doing well.joy.gif


So it all started on tuesday the 22nd when I had my membranes stripped.  My EDD wasn't until the 28th, but because my Dr. was leaving not long after my EDD I decided I would try that and see if anything happened.  That day I started having little cramps, and losing my mucous plug.  For the next few days I kept losing the mucous plug and having very very random cramps.  Friday night I had a few that woke me up, not very painful, but there.


Saturday morning I woke up and felt tired and ready to have the baby, but still thinking I was going to go over my due date. My mom and dd and a family friend decided to walk downtown and go for coffee, on the way I had a few contractions that were very easy to deal with and maybe 15 minutes apart, only lasting about 30 to 40 seconds. We made a bunch of stops before going for coffee and the contractions kept coming, but I didn't really think anything of it.  While we were sitting having coffee they started to come a little closer together and on the walk home I called dh to come pick me up. I decided I would lay down and rest for awhile and see if they kept coming or would slow down.  While resting I used the online contraction timer and found that they were coming every 5 minutes and lasting 40 seconds to 1 minute. So I told dh @ 5pm after resting for like 20 minutes, it was time to go, because we had to go to the hospital in our town first and then go to the next town 45 minutes away to have baby because they don't deliver here if they can help it, as they don't do surgery here. So we went to the hospital and dd stayed with my mom.  I was 3 cm and we were sent straight to the other hospital.


On the way the contractions kept coming and stayed pretty consistently @ every 5 minutes for around a minute long.  We got to the hospital at around 7pm and were put in an awesome, private labor and delivery room, much nicer than the one that we had dd1 in.  The nurse was awesome and very supportive. The only time I was hooked up to the monitors was during the 1st 20 minutes to see how baby was doing.  So I was encouraged to walk around and that helped alot. When I was walking the contractions were shorter but closer together, so it was better than when I lay down and they got longer and a little farther apart.


I guess around 12am my contractions were noticeably stronger, what the nurse said was active labor, and I agreed.  I really had to vocalize through these ones. I found that the column in the room was a good focus during these contractions, when I leaned against it with my forehead and rolled my forehead against it from side to side.  I decided to try the shower, and so I got in.  The nurse hooked up the antibiotics to my IV while I was in the shower, because I was in active labor and GBS positive.  I was in there for about a half an hour and then I started feeling really weak. The nurse told me that it was probably because I was dehydrated, I guess my urine said I was as dehydrated as you can be.  All of the heavy breathing was sucking me dry and I was not drinking enough between contractions.  At about 2 am I decided to sit in the rocking chair and that was nice because I rocked back and forth and moaned during contractions and in between I almost fell asleep.  This is where transition began. Dh was on the cot trying to get some sleep, which he did surprisingly well considering I was right next to him groaning loudly every couple of minutes.  I began to find it hard to breath properly and started saying I wanted something for the pain, not an epidural, but something. So the nurse said laughing gas was a good thing to try, because it didn't last long, and it was safer for baby than an epidural or other drugs. So she checked me for the first time in that hospital and I was at least 6cm! Yay! So I started the laughing gas and it helped after the peaks, and I was only allowed to breath it during contractions, but in between I was a little out of it and even laughed a few times with dh. But the contractions really got stronger and at about 4am I screamed that I wanted to be checked because I felt a lot of pressure, so the nurse checked me and I was 8cm, and moving along.  So she called the doctor and the doc came and broke my water @ about 4:30am, and said now we just wait until your ready to push.  So for about an hour and a half I lay on the bed and slept between contractions and screamed and breathed the laughing gas during contractions. My contracions were still only 3 minutes apart and lasted from 1 to 2 minutes, but they were working just fine.  After my water was broken I lost control a bit, and was really vocalizing and pleading for help.  The doctor and the student doctor sat about 5 feet from the foot of the bed, the nurse stood at one side and dh stood at the other side and they all chatted about snowboarding etc. and I started to get mad, not outwardly but thinking "Why the **** are you just sitting there? Do something!!!!"  even though I knew that there was nothing they could do.  I started wanting to push even though I was only around 9cm, but I didn't care. I tried a couple of times and the doctor said it sounded like I didn't really have the urge to push. I said I didn't but wanted to have the baby. So they sat and waited some more. I felt like a mad woman rolling around and yelling, and I apologized for yelling, but everyone said I wasn't, I was just moaning. Finally I felt like I needed to push and I started and everyone came and said ok Karen push. So I pushed with all of my might, and sometimes I yelled a little and they said when you yell nothing happens, hold it in and push, so I did and I could feel the baby moving down. I was pushing and it hurt so bad, not like with dd1 when it was a relief (but she took 2 hours), I wasn't listening to anyone, just pushing and pushing and finally 10 minutes later out came Priscila Marie! I was sort of out of it when they put her on me I just kind held her for a minute and then I was like baby! Hi baby! and all was well. She stayed with me and they cut the cord and me and dh adored her for a few minutes and then I fed her and she nursed like a pro for 2 hours.


She is a beautiful little girl and is soo good! She loves to nurse and I love it too, even though it hurts so bad, just like it did with dd1 for a week or 2.  This birth was exactly what I wanted and even though it was intense it was mostly natural (except for the laughing gas) and I did it!!! I felt really well after and baby is doing great. I was a little hormonal on the 29th, my birthday, but I feel pretty good today.  Sorry that was so long, but it could have been longer! lol.  I hope everyone else is doing well and enjoying the new babies!.DSC02871.JPGDSC02863.JPG



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Congratulations! I had my baby girl on the same day. :D

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Oh congrats on your sweet girl.  I love her name and am so happy for you!  Hope you're both doing well.

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Congrats!!! Enjoy your babymoon. :)

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Congrats mama! Enjoy your sweet baby.
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Congratulations!!  Enjoy your sweet little girl!

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Congratulations!  <3

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Yay!  Congrats Mama!  Welcome sweet baby Priscila Marie!

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congrats on a baby girl

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Congratulations!! Welcome Priscilla! joy.gif

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Congratulations!  What great details in your birth story.  Thanks for sharing!

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Congrats! She's a beauty!

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