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"Friends" Tribute...

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I thought since this is the last season I would start a tribute. I have always thought the writing on this show was great...and allthough it is probably time for it to end...I still love so many episodes.

Next week they are showing the #1 most popular episode...

I dont know what it will be but I have to say one of mine is the one where Monica and Rachael lose their apartment to Chandler and Joey by playing the trivia game...SOOOO funny!

Big Fat Goalie!
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Off the top of my head, my favorite would have to be the one where Ross dresses up like a giant armadillo and Chandler is Santa Clause. It's my favorite because I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe - mainly at Chandler's lines.

It'll be interesting to see what #1 is, maybe the "he's her lobster" one where they watch the old home movie of prom. (unless they've already showed it, I haven't been keeping track)
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I was late starting to watch that show and then haven't seen much since when Phoebe was pg, but I managed to catch a lot of reruns and thought it was a funny show. Anyway, have they done the one where Joey puts on all Chandler's clothes...he says something about going commando in another guy's fatigues. That one cracked me up. Even though I haven't kept up, I'll miss knowing that there is something on Thursday eves to (miss) watch(ing).

Ahh, the trivia one is funny too!
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My favourite one would have to be the one where they make all the New Years resolutions and Ross wears those leather pants :LOL

My second favourite would be the one where Rachel makes the trifle (sp?) and Monicas parents find out about her and Chandler.

When do the last episodes air? Lately it has been all repeats and this season seems to be really short.
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next week is the last 'favorite' episode...then I think the last 3 or 4 and thats it...
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Just my luck, next week is the last week I will have cable :

My mom is going to tape them for me but I will have to wait until I see her at the end of May to watch them.
So please feel free to discuss the last episodes as indepth as you like and I will watch it through your eyes :LOL
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They've already shown one of my favorites....the one where Phoebe and Rachel know about Monica and Chandler and try and get Monica and Chandler to "fess up".....Phoebe is trying to seduce Chandler and Chandler is playing along.....HYSTERICAL!!!!

another of my faves is the one where Phoebe is in labor with the triplets...and she tells Rachel "ssssshhh don't tell anyone but I'm going to keep one"....I haven't seen that episode in a long time.

I am so tempted to buy the DVD collections but haven't allowed myself to spend the money.
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"Joey doesnt share food!" I love that one!
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I love so many of them..........but one that comes to mind is the one where they show what their lives would be if they had made differnt choices..... Phoebe is a Wall Street Broker, Monica is still fat......etc......

I also love the one when they propose to eachother........that one still makes me cry!
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The leather pants one is one of my favorites, as is the Hannukah Armadillo one!
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