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Dental x-rays during pg?

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Is this ok, or a big no?

I haven't had a dental x-ray for years, and I'm sure they'll push for it on my next visit (which will be very soon). I just want to know what I should say :)

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Usually X-rays while being pregnant is a big no! I know when I went to the dentist during my last pregnancy when I told them I was pregnant they told me we won't do the X-rays we'll wait for next time after you've given birth....
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I'm not sure I'd get a full set of x-rays, but I was having some dental pain in my 2nd tri and got 2 x-rays of the problem area. If their x-ray machine is relatively modern the amount of radiation emitted is pretty low. I also had 2 of the blankets on me.

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Unless it's an emergency, I would wait until after the birth. :)  My dental office refuses to administer dental x-rays during pregnancy.

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I had a broken tooth when I was pregnant the last time and my dentist fixed it without having to do any x-rays. Most of them will refuse to do x-rays, but I wouldn't risk it for anything less than a full-blown dental catastrophe.

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standard of care is that xrays during pg are a big NO unless its deemed a life/limb type situation.  A basic dental cleaning should not fall under that even if you havent had a cleaning recently.  If the office pushes one I would just decline and move on.

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Makes sense. I do have a couple teeth that are bothering me, but hopefully it's just a wierd thing and not cavities- it won't be the first time that's happened. I've been doing daily xylitol, listerine, and fluoride rinse (along with tooth-friendly nutritional stuff) so hopefully everything's all good.

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I've been to a few dentists while pregnant and none of them do xrays if pregnant. Most won't even do fillings unless they are urgent and suggest you wait until after birth. My current dentist will do cleanings though when you are pregnant.


Yes digital xray machines use about 25% of what the old style xray machines use.

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If you have the apron over babe, I don't see why it would be a big deal. I wouldn't get x-rays just to get them/because you haven't had them in a while, but I don't see a reason to put it off if more work is genuinely required and the x-rays are needed for it. I've needed some dental work that really couldn't be put off any longer and my dentist says she thinks it's better to treat a pregnant woman if she needs it than to let her condition run unchecked for 9 months and end up being worse at the end. And pregnant women should get regular dental cleanings, too! Something about an increased risk of gingivitis.

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My dentist has always skipped the x-rays for the visits when I've been pg.  It's not worth it.


Now if I thought I had broke my foot or arm, I would be willing to put the lead apron on over my belly, but not for a more routine type x-ray.

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My Dentist wouldn't do a cleaning until they did xrays, but they just did one on each side to check for cavities. It may have been because I was a first time patient, I was already 8 months pregnant and they put 4-5 lead aprons over my belly. I wasn't thrilled about it, but really needed my teeth cleaned.

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My dentist said not to bother scheduling an appointment until after the baby is born, unless something is wrong like a broken or painful tooth.

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