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The rest of yesterday:


Late lunch: Brown rice pasta with garlic chickpeas, nutritional yeast, and flax oil

           Mixed greens with 1/4 of an avocado and tahini dressing (tahini, lemon juice, salt, water), some baby carrots


(I really wanted broccoli, but when I went to wash it it was infested with aphids.  Damn.)


I kinda skipped dinner since my lunch was so late and huge, but then I got starving at about 8:00.  I had leftover pasta and chickpeas, a cup of rooibos chai with soy milk, and mango sorbet.


Today so far:


Breakfast:  huge bowl of oatmeal with raisins, cinnamon, blackstrap molasses, ground flax seed, a little maple syrup, and soymilk.


And I just had a few bites of brown rice pasta with nutritional yeast and flax oil because DH didn't realize that I just finished a huge breakfast an hour ago.


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Food update:


The rest of the day before yesterday:


I don't remember if I had a snack, but I did make my pregnancy infusion (from Aviva Jill Rom's book) and drank a quart of that throughout the afternoon and evening.

Dinner: stir fry: onions, broccoli, red bell pepper, bok choi, garlic, tamari, baked sesame tofu, brown jasmine rice


For dessert DH brought home a raspberry almond lindzer (sp?) bar for me (yummy!!) and I had a cup of rooibos chai with almond milk.




Breakfast: Rooibos chai with almond milk (I really can't get enough of the stuff), peanut butter panda puffs with almond milk.

Snack: I think I had some strawberries

Lunch:  Smashed kidney beans with veganaise, salt, whole grain mustard.  Had it on whole wheat toast with avocado and mixed greens.

I don't think I had a snack in the afternoon...maybe some baby carrots.

Dinner:  DH brought home Los Gorditos:  A vegan quesadilla with soyrizo and onions, beans, rice, romain lettuce, tomato, and some of the broccoli I steamed for DS.

A cup of rooibos chai with almond milk.


Today so far:


Breakfast:  Coconut yogurt and hemp plus granola, an apple and about 1/2 a cup of strawberries chopped up on top. Rooibos chai with almond milk.

Lunch:  tempeh, avocado, veganaise, whole grain mustard, and mixed greens on whole wheat sourdough toast.  Baby carrots.


I'm impatiently waiting for the bananas on my counter to ripen so I can make myself some more nettle smoothies!!!


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I'm supposed to be doing the brewer diet though I'm failing at eating ENOUGH calories and I keep not getting in my leafy greens. I guess I could start putting those in my smoothies. :) My goal is 90 grams of protein a day, which I meet almost every day, and then supposedly there's a way to get in 2,400 calories a day, but I haven't done it yet. ;)

this was wednesday, a somewhat typical day:
fruit smoothie with berries/banana/nuts/yogurt/oj
2-3 scrambled eggs

16 oz milk

pb&j on whole wheat


chicken and potatoes and veggies



after-dinner snack:
more milk :)
cheese and crackers or a popsicle or leftovers from dinner time. (whatever is easiest to find and eat so I don't go to bed hungry)

I will eat baked fish and brown rice for lunch sometimes just to get more protein in the middle of the day. :) Or some times something like a can of sardines... once again: protein!

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Yes, I have been drinking coffee the whole time. I try to limit myself to a cup a day sometimes it's a cup and a half.

Have tried instant decaf from Starbucks - it's not too bad.

Hoping doing yoga will offset the caffeine!

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I am, very much, still in the eat-anything-that-stays-down mode. Right now, pizza is a winner most of the time. Steak. Very occasionally eggs. Soup is always good, but I hate eating soup when it is 90+ degrees out and humidity that feels like it's in the 500% range. Starchy stuff- baked potatoes with butter and sour cream, breadsticks, etc. Bean burritos are good, too. Egg salad. Hummus with pretzels. I'm craving tomatoes with salt. Tacos I can usually eat.


With the increase in heat, I'm tolerating more plain water, which is good since I could only tolerate fizzy drinks. It's definitely helping. I'm going to make some RRL tea and carbonate it with our sodastream for an experiment. Same with strawberry lemonade. :)

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Fizzy drinks=good.  Carbonated tea sounds delicious right now.  Mmm.... Huge dose of protein in the morning is also helping me a lot... eggs, veggie sausage and cheese on a bagel is my current favorite.  For lunch I usually get a sandwich down- cheese and veggies or grilled cheese.  Dinner is a crap shoot.  I had been doing better for a bit, but lately not much has been working.  Pasta and most sauces are out.  Pizza is out.  Soup is out.  One thing I know I can always eat is a burrito- black beans, rice, tomatoes, cheese, avocado, lots of sour cream... that works. Sandwiches generally work as well and sometimes veggies hot dogs and grilled veggies.   I just started eating lettuce salads again, which is good b/c I have a whole lot of lettuce in my garden going to waste.  And at night I have to eat again before bed- usually peanut butter on toast or something similar.

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Ooh I discovered something yummy for a slightly fizzy drink :) I mix some emergen-c with a little bit of water, 2oz or so? enough to dissolve it. Then add orange juice! Improves the flavor and gives the orange juice some fizz. I find that if I try to mix it in with juice it doesn't mix in as well, but mixing with water THEN adding juice works well

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