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New Here...NARM Exam Study Techniques...help

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Hi there. I am new here...quick intro (will give a better one later). I am a 39 year old divorced mom of six...all hospital births, 5th was botched, unnecessary c-section, 6th was a VBAC (long long story there)

Have been interested in birth my whole life. Started studying midwifery after the c-section. Have taught a lot of childbirth ed classes, breastfeeding and been a doula. Abandoned all birth related activities after losing my 7th baby around 20weeks. Sold all of my books and equipment.

Fast forward almost 10yrs and I have lost over 150lbs, escaped an abusive marriage and returned to school. I am currently a psychology major with a concentration in premedicine, I am hoping to go to medical school. But WAIT! Dont be mad. I am not a fan of western medicine! However, I want to make change. I believe in holistic healing and whole body wellbeing. Just bear with me!

I have returned to midwifery...head on. I have enrolled in a guided self-study program and have spent close to $3000 re-buying texts and equipment! I am soooo ready to be back at this,,,i know it is where my heart is.

I want to take the NARM in about 2 years. I have all of the books in the recommended list, as well as several more required by my program. Here is my question:

How do you study/take in the material? Do you read each book individually, cover to cover, taking notes, etc? Or do you pick a subject and read each corresponding section in each of the books you have? Suggestions? Ideas? Help? smile.gif


And PS ... I SWEAR I am going to make change in medicine. My interests are obviously womens health (OBGYN) and weight loss/nutrition/preventative medicine...I WILL MAKE CHANGE.

Getting thru med school is going to me hard for me,,,,just because of my beliefs....trust me.... smile.gif

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If I were trying to get into med school, I would spend my time studying for the MCAT, not the NARM.  You will be plenty busy trying to get As in calculus and biochem.  Maybe spend your free time reading juicy midwife memoirs, go to birth conferences and read books.  You can get your training after med school by spending a few months at The Farm or on the mission field.  They would be glad to  have you!!!


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The thing is, it is required that you have clinical experience, volunteer experience, etc before applying to medical school....and midwifery/birth is where I intend to get it. I am also finishing an EMT course and will take some other traning over the summer in order to be able to work in a hospital. I already get As in calculus smile.gif And have started preparation for the MCAT.

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There are a ton of threads on this. Search in the mothering archives or just search study for NARM on google and it will take you to some discussions on Mothering. I have yet to take the NARM (due to some paperwork issues) but I have printed off the CIB from NARM and written a paper on all the topics (2-3 pages usually, so almost 150 topics) and then write my sources on the bottom so it is easy to look up in the main textbooks. I have also read most of the major texts start to finish (Heart and Hands, Holistic Midwifery 1,2, diagnostic tests, Human Labor and Birth and most of Varneys). I am also doing flash cards. Good luck! I started out premed/nursing and after a few years changed to psych,. because working in hospitals just about killed me.

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Can't really answer your question, but make sure you are familiar with the NARM requirements for application before they allow you to test. There are deadlines for the application prior to the offered exam times, and experience or accredited schooling requirements that have a min. number of births you must attend and document as well as skills you must obtain prior to testing as well. That would be a good place to start.

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