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Hope is here!

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Hope Kaylin was born 3/24! Sorry I haven't updated. She's been in the special care nrusery since then due to breathing issues. She's making great progress and hopefully we'll be home before the weekend but this whole thing has been very stressful. I'll post the birth story later but she's eating great (expressed bm right now but we'll start working on nursing tomorrow). I'm so ready to be home. We've been staying as guests at the hospital on a different floor and it's been stressful. She's our miracle baby and we're so blessed to have her here!!March 2011 002.JPG

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Congratulations!! Hope you will all be home soon! She's beautiful, I love her head of dark hair


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Congratulations Stacey!  What a cutie and I love the name.  Hopefully she'll be nursing soon and you'll be home before you know it!

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joy.gifCONGRATS!!!  joy.gif


Love all that dark hair!!  What a cutie.  Hope she gets to come home soon!!

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Enjoy holding her!

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congrats! enjoy the babymoon! :)

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Very, very cute!  Love that hair - her skin tone looks like my DC when she was born.  Mama -- I see that you're sitting in a hard wood chair!  BUMMER!!!  I have a friend who was not admitted to the hospital but her newborn was and it was miserable -- hard chairs and no real support for the new mom.  I always thought that would be the worst combo.  I hope you're getting some pampering for yourself.  You look good though.  Congrats!  

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congratulations! What a beautiful girl you have! I hope she's on her way home soon. Enjoy the babymoon :)

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Awww! Welcome baby Hope! love.gif


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woo hoo! Congratulations and welcome to the world, baby Hope!


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Congrats, she's beautiful!  I hope nursing starts up well for you :)

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She's adorable! Congratulations!

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Cute baby!  Congratulations Mama!  Hope you get to take her home soon....

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Congratulations!!  I hope your family gets to go home soon!  And I love the name Hope!

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We are rooming in at the hospital tonight and working on nursing. As long as everything goes well we'll go home tomorrow!!

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Congrats, she's just lovely!  

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She is so precious! Congratulations!
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We are finally home and she's getting the hang of nursing! So grateful!

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Wooohoo for being home!! How are YOU feeling?

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I am okay. Sore and exhausted but I slept better last night than I have in months. As long as the baby is being held she does well with sleeping. :) Just so glad she's safe, healthy and we're home!!!

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