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Babyhawk in winter

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I am thinking of asking for a baby hawk for my little one who will be here in September, but all the photos on the website have people wearing the carrier over summer cloths. Is it practical to wear underneath/over a winter coat? I imagine all the fabric might make it a bit difficult and bulky for me & baby. Any advice/experience is appreciated.



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You can absolutely wear baby in a mei tai and zip your jacket up over, if it's big enough for the two of you (just be cautious that baby's head/face and breathing ability is not covered or obstructed).  You don't want to wear baby over your coat, b/c, especially with a tiny baby, you want him/her close to your body.  There are also a bunch of cold-weather babywearing items - babywearing vests, coats, etc.  I've used a catbird baby winter fleece for the baby and carrier when worn over my own light, fleece jacket or under my unzipped coat.  It snaps around the straps of any buckle or mei-tai carrier to form a little fleece pocket for baby. 


Hope that helps!

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I wear DH's coat over when wearing my MT.

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I wear the carrier next to my base layer, a jacket over me, and a monkey pocket to cover DS.

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thanks everyone! 

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I use the peekaroo vest shown here - http://www.tummywear.org/proddetail.php?prod=mw-nori-vest


It is soooo warm, I love it.  

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I second the peekaru!  Love it!  

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