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Tell me about eReaders, please!, update post 4

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My oldest wants an eReader for her 14th birthday. I've done a little research and found this one:
Which I sent to my mother to review since she has one. She sent me this one back because she has it:
and here's what she said "Kindle is good unless it says 3g wireless, all ereaders need a wireless connection like you have at home and the cafe. The kindle 3g is $169. I noticed it doesn’t come with a case, which my does. It makes it safer, and easier to carry. Really good battery life! Mine lasts about 5 hours but it’s fine for me. Mine is graphite color and has a memory card slot. I didn’t notice if the kindle does. As far as books, the free ones are classics. Check out the amazon prices. Mine uses kobo bookstore and prices vary."

I noticed that on that eBay listing it's so cheap which may be good since it's going to a 14 year old that can be somewhat careless with electronics. I did a quick review and found the major downfalls are that compared to the more expensive eReaders the Literati is not as good in areas like screen resolution and crispness--to me that's to be expected for the price. Other than that and what my mother told me I don't know a darn thing about eReaders.


Any advice or insight would be appreciated! It would be great if I could get her an eReader for $70 but only if it's worth not getting the better one for more money, you know?

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My husband has the Kindle you linked to, and I have a 2nd gen Kindle with 3G. Over all, we've both been happy with them. , thI'll just comment on your mom's comments, then add a few of my own thoughts:


- She is right that the model you linked to has no 3G compatability. All that means is that you'll need either to link to a wifi network or use a cable to connect to a computer with an internet connection in order to download books. I enjoy having the 3G access, because I do take my kindle out with me and tend to purchase books while I'm watching waiting for my kids at practices and what-not. My husband only really uses his kindle at home or in cafes (where he generally has wifi access), so he doesn't mind having only wifi.


- She is also right that it does not come with a case, and that a case is necessary if you want to take it with you. I spent about $25 on a leather case for my kindle, which was a very good deal (most leather cases are much more). You should plan on spending $15 ish for a sleeve or $30 ish for a case.


- Battery life on the Kindle is excellent. I can go 1 - 2 weeks without charging mine, as long as I turn the wireless connection off. My husband's seems to stay charged for a good month, but he doesn't read nearly as much as I do.


- As for a memory card slot - your mom is correct that there is not one on the Kindle. All of  your books are backed up by Amazon, so if you want to move them from one device to another, you just connect to your Amazon account and download the book on a different device. You can do this wirelessly or by connecting your Kindle to a computer with a cable. You can also move books onto the hard drive of your computer for storage.


- For books, you can also get all of the classics free for the Kindle - this will be true for all eReaders. Amazon books seem to run in the $5 - $15 range for most fiction, with most titles falling right around $10. My understanding is that Amazon has the widest selection of eBooks, and that their prices tend to be a bit lower than other eBook providers. Here's the downside, though - Amazon is not library compatible. So, if your library has an ebook collection, your daughter will not be able to use it with her Kindle. Depending on your library, that could be a big source of free books that just isn't available to you. Of course, if your library doesn't have an eBook collection, or if their collection is very small, this probably won't be a deciding factor for you.


- Screen resolution and crispness on the Kindle is amazing. I can read for hours straight, and my eyes are no more tired than if I were reading on paper. Really, looking at a page on the Kindle and a page in a book is very, very similar. I can even sit outside on the deck in the sun reading, and there is no glare, which is better than some paper.


- If you think you might become a multiple eReader household, keep everyone's needs in mind, because it would make sense for everyone to get the same type of eReader - that way you may be able to share books. My husband and I both have our Kindles tied to the same Kindle account, so we can share books. You can tie up to 6 Kindles together. I don't know how sharing works for other eReader brands.


Does this help?

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Both articles are very informative and helped me make a decision right after christmas (i decided on a nookcolor)

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I decided on the Literati for her. I figured it's probably worth the money and if she breaks it, loses it, or gets restricted from it, it's only $70 down the drain and not $150 or more.

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It sounds like a great choice for a kid. Hope she enjoys it! thumb.gif

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