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Anxious about fighting off interventions

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Hi all!  I am 8 month preg and have been studying like crazy about VBAC and how a natural birth is supposed to be.  I switched OB last month and haven't met all the Drs yet.  They are supposed to be VBAC/natural friendly but I'm still scared that I have to be in a hospital after my first unneceserean.  I plan to stay at home as long as possible and even contemplating learning how to check my own dilation.  I have no friends or family in the area to be with me but my husband and can't afford a doula.  I told him that he has to advocate for me against interventions but I think he will cave under pressure, especially when/if they pull the "the baby could die" card.   I am trying to stay positive that everything will go smoothly or that I'll be able to advocate for myself but I've never been in labor so have no idea.  I find myself secretly planning an unassisted HBAC because I am so stressed and obssessed with this.   Has anyone successfully fought off interventions on their own?  Please share your stories. Thank you.

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I haven't really fought off interventions but it is so key to have your support person rallying for you. Make a solid birth plan and go over with your OB prior to your labor. Stress how important it is to you. Make multiple copies and make sure everyone that comes into that labor room reads it. 


If you can at all find anyone willing to attend your birth as a doula for free I would highly encourage it. You can sometimes find a doula on DONA who is willing to do it for free or for a trade of some sort. There are also student Doulas who need to attend births. Maybe you can find that?


Either way I think support is key to making sure your birth plan and wishes are followed. 

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I would as for the standing orders and typical protocols, for your OB group & hospital? Talk to the OBs at your group; and if you can the L&D nurses at the hospital.  Once you have that information you can educate yourself on what battles you want to fight and those that are just not so important to you. You will need to have your husband become as educated as you are on what you want or don't want.

Have you called around to local doulas asking for help in finding a doula who can assist, I think even certified doulas need so many births a year to maintain certification.


Good Luck and Happy VBAC-ing!

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