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My midwife gave me a recipe for Labourade & I was thinking about making it.  Only problem is that it calls for 2 magnesium/calcium supplements.  I don't to buy a huge bottle of something that I won't use up.  Rolaids had both calcium and magnesium in it, but none of the stores seem to have any since the recall last year.  Any other suggestions?  What exactly is the purpose of the magnesium anyway?

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I don't remember what it's for, but I do know that it's apparently important that it be calcium AND magnesium.  I decided that, like you, I didn't want to buy a big ol' bottle of those tablets only to use a couple of them, so I just got plain old calcium instead, thinking that would be good enough.  At some point in my labor, my MW asked if I had calcium/magnesium, because something was going a little screwy and she thought it would help, and I said I just had the calcium.  She said it wouldn't help, it had to be calcium/magnesium.  Should've just done what she asked on the paper in the first place. :) 


Don't they give magnesium to people who are suffering from high blood pressure?  So maybe it's to balance out blood pressure if it's a little high, or help deal with swelling? 

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Dr. Sears recommends crushed calcium, and baking soda.  Wonder why?


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Calcium and magnesium work together to prevent muscle fatigue... so in theory they will encourage "good contractions" while discouraging "bad contractions" (it may help to think of sport drink ads... the balance of minerals/electrolytes is supposed to enhance muscle performance while discouraging muscle "problems" like cramps).  Too much calcium or too much magnesium can cause their own problems, so it's the balance you want!  :)


While there are lots of recipes out there, I'd suggest finding something you enjoy the taste of (and if you know or think you'll be throwing up during the birth, enjoy the "re-taste" of).  Dilute gatorade, coconut water, RRL tea, banana smoothies, or one of the various laborade blends that you've taste tested.... they all provide the same basic "stuff" so it really comes down to what you want to drink.  I usually bring a few different options so I have choices, but the coconut water is my personal fav. 

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