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Debt free!!!

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Just wanted to post that! Thanks to our tax refund we have paid off the rest of the home equity loan and the credit card. We have the home loan but it's not upside down since bought many years ago. Dh wanted to celebrate by going on a vacation. I said no way, we are saving for a least a year first. Esp. if I'm able to get a nursing job soon, we should be able to do that quite well. 

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clap.gifthumbsup.gif  Hurray!!  Good for you, what a wonderful accomplishment!

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Way to go!!!  jumpers.gif


(We celebrated saving 6 months of living expenses with a vacation - a cruise!)

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Congratulations!!! I've followed your posts for years and am so very happy for you!!!

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That is so awesome! Congrats - that is huge. You are an inspiration.

Can you maybe indulge DH a little - do a mini vacation? Like go camping or go away for a weekend. Then get back to the grind.
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