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I am 7dpiui and I thought I should join a forum. I really dont want to start driving my hubby crazy talkin about TTC. We have been TTC for over 2 years. This is my 3rd iui and I really want it to work this time.  Sometimes i really feel like I am never going to have a baby.  I know there is adoption and I am totally up for doing that.  But there is something about having your own kid too.  I dont know i guess i am just wanting to have some support through this so i dont bug my hubby or my re too much :)

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Hi, Hoping...Welcome!


Good luck! Hopefully this month works. Are you on any meds or have you just been using IUIs? I'm on my third clomid/hcg trigger/ IUI cycle and in fact, I will be getting a blood test  tomorrow to find out whether it was successful (12dpo); we'll see how it goes although I'm not too confident because clomid really did a number on my lining (Thinned out my lining). I also have been trying to not get too crazy talking to my DH about TTC. It's bad enough that I need him to "perform" at certain times, but also telling him about the symptoms and possible signs would probably make him think I'm a lunatic! But he's been supportive so I'm really happy about that. I do find that I am stressing less because I get to let go of some of the stress as I post on these forums! I hope it helps you as well.



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I am on meds.  last month and this month I have done femara on cd 3-7 and started on day 7 with gonal f injections. Then i did an u/s on cd 13 and I had 3 follies so we did the HCG trigger and did iui on CD 15. Right now I am just patiently waiting lol :) ok I am not i am going crazy.  Luckily i have two cute puppies that can keep my attention :)

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Welcome!  I hope you get your BFP this month!  My DH can only handle so much TTC talk too, so I have really enjoyed having the opportunity to bond with so many other wonderful women in the same situation. 

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