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Round 2: Weekend Project Accountability!

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Last weekend was awesome!  We all got some serious work done and it was nice to have somewhere to come brag/whine.  :)  I can't tell you how happy it makes me to walk through my CLEAN AND ORGANIZED basement every day!  Such a sense of peace!!!


Oddly my schedule is such that DS is with his dad for a second weekend in a row so I'm going to throw my nesting hormones into another project or two!!


So, I'm going to jump in and declare another project or two for this weekend:


1.  My walk-in closet!!  Shudder.  That's where I chuck everything when there are people in my house.  Then my 4 yr old empties it out.  Then I chuck it all back in.  Totally useless at the moment!!!


2.  Assemble and warp my new loom.  It's a crafty project, not a cleaning project but it's nagging me, so I'm declaring it.  Once the project is there, it will get done fairly quickly, but I need to actually get it started.  Preferably more than 3 days before I need it to be done!!! 


3.  Spend an hour or two cutting up giant boxes for recycling.  Most of the clutter in my garage is from recycling too big to just be flattened and thrown in my recycling bin (but the wrong size/shape for moving or shipping boxes).  Time for some quality time with a box cutter. 


Projects anyone wants to declare?  Before/after pics optional.  ;-) 



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I have some, but I'll be back to post what they are later. I have to choose which ones I want to get done this weekend. :-)

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I'm in too.

1. Get all laundry put away.
2. Rotate the LO's toys
3. Tackle the playroom with my big girl.
4. Straighten up downstairs.
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I'm in.

1. Break down washer box for recycle
2. Move big black shelf into another part of the house in order to move fridge into closety thing in the kitchen. There's a flippin built in pantry behind our fridge.
3. Get the christmas tree back to my parents
4. Put together shelf for K's room
5. Put together second shelf for living room (or should it go in the dining room)
6. Put tv on new tv stand
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I'm in too. I have only one project, but it's a pretty work-intensive one. I need to finish sewing the curtains for my dd's room. I made one of them back in November and all the fabric and pieces for the other one (it has a lot of appliques) have been sitting on my dining room table since then. I am really tired of looking at that pile. I've been avoiding it for so long because it's just so much work.


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Not so much a laundry theme this time around.  :)  We must have all gotten caught up with the laundry mountains.  (Maybe I should add "put the last two baskets of clean laundry AWAY" to my list.  :P 


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Can I join? I'll have a few hours tomorrow while DD is gone. I called my mom begging her to take DD for a few hours so I can get the house under control.


Main goals:


--get paper recycling into boxes and bags and ready for the curb (junk mail in office, old school papers/art projects in DD's room)

--box up some clothes (mine, DD's) for donation

--Clear clutter off counters/table in kitchen....purge some kitchen items and organize pots/pans so I can find them and they aren't finding homes on the stove top/top of the washer/dryer, etc)

--walk around with a trash bag and pitch all the little trinkets/broken items/junk toys that DD has accumulated

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I need a major kick in the tush to get everything ready for moving.. I'm really not motivated and its approaching very quickly! Here's my list so far, I think Ill divide it into four parts:

Reds Im going to try to do Saturdays, Blues on Sunday


1) Pack-

finish anything that needs to be washed

vac-pack clothing

pack bags

weigh bags

re-pack bags (it happens every time, I always manage to have one WAY over 50 and one WAY under)

Re weigh them

when everything is good put them up on shelves where the girls can't get to them again


2) Clean for final inspection: Stuff I can do early

Repair holes in walls

Remove all marks from walls

Remove all items from closets/cupboards

Go through and check all light bulbs, replace the ones that are burned out

Clean out Kitchen exhaust fan filter, replace if necessary

Clean out AC units replace filters if needed

Remove all shelf liners and labels

Remove all child proofing items, scrub sticky stuff off of walls

clean inside of cupboards in: Girls room,  master bedroom, playroom, kitchen (what I can), hallway, living room

clean out closets and vacuum/clean runners

Clean off windows and vacuum/clean runners

clean out desk and wipe down

Clean out china hutch and wipe down

wash any remaining laundry

start cleaning out the drawers in the kitchen

go through cleaning cupboard and get rid of anything that we aren't going to be using to clean (ie stain remover, starch, etc)



3) Plan/errands

make hotel reservations

check on airline ticket prices (we don't know exactly when we will be leaving, waiting on the military to give us a flight date)

Make restaurant reservations for special dinner (I'm taking my husband out, he doesn't know it yet)

Take DH's uniform to the alteration place and have them sew on new ranks

grocery shopping (I don't like to go grocery shopping, I put it off to the very last minute but we are out of perishables so it needs to get done)

Order hug-a-hero dolls for the girls so they get them in time

order bracelets for myself and MIL

Go through DH's gear and wash what needs to be washed. Put it all together so he can turn it in Monday

Drop off can goods to send to the evacuee camps.. Luckily I stock up on non-perishables and now I have a good place to send them. These people are going through enough without having to worry about food as well.

Stop by home improvement store and get things needed for move out

Stop by key place and have a copy made of the apartment key


4) Family activities

pick up last minute things we wanted to get from out in town

go do something fun we haven't done before

church on Sunday


Can I add sleep to this list?? That idea sounds better than cleaning and packing this weekend!

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Kid-free weekend is rescheduled, but I'm still going to take a run at my list anyway. Might be more interesting with a helper, but we'll see how it goes!
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Good luck with the 'help' :) I'm about to get started...will check back in later!

Originally Posted by RollerCoasterMama View Post

Kid-free weekend is rescheduled, but I'm still going to take a run at my list anyway. Might be more interesting with a helper, but we'll see how it goes!



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--I filled a large box with paper recycling from DD's room.

--Decluttered her art cubby, dress up box and a few things from her closet and posted all the items on Freecycle.

--Filled trash bag with trinkets and other trash (DD's room, living room)


Trying to keep the momentum going!

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Beachbaby...good job!  I was thinking you were totally getting an early jump until I noticed that your child-free time is today.  :)  Hope you get it all done!  Sounds like you've got a running start anyways!!


It will definitely be a little more interesting with a helper, but he's four and pretty independent, so I think I'll be able to get most of it done.  Though, as I find his toys that disappeared into my closet, I suspect he'll have some opinions about what goes where!  :)  And sounds like his dad might take him to the zoo or something for a couple of hours.  We'll see! 


Oh well...one more project on the list (another crafty one):  make some wool Easter eggs to decorate.  We did a dozen last year and I'd like to do another dozen this year.  DS can help me felt them.  Then I'll decorate them gradually.  My weekend is getting ambitious!  :P  (They're solid ones--just for display and hunting...no worries about filling them up!) 



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Today is Saturday and its been a total wash for the most part. DS didn't sleep well last night then I woke with a migrane and couldn't get myself going. Did manage to get to the store and pick up a couple of things I needed for packing.. on the way home we stopped to get dinner and our battery died. One jump later (thank you kind stranger who took a break from his job to give us a jump) we are back home but my head is pounding again. Im thinking early bed and try again tomorrow.

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I finished the curtain! I was feeling so motivated after hanging them that I also sorted through dd's spring and summer clothes, something I was planning to do next week.


I know everyone likes before and after photos, mine aren't great because all I did was turn a pile of fabric into a curtain, but here goes:


This the pile:

sewing pile.jpg


It *looks* unassuming, but keep in mind that it had been on that table for months, and that it was a clutter magnet for much that time. I often piled stuff on top of it or next to it, figuring, why not, that pile is already there? In fact, shortly before taking this photo, I hemmed a pair of jeans and repaired a tote bag that had been sitting there for a week or so.


And here's the table without the pile: The machine is still there because I'm starting another project tomorrow. (One that will not sit on the table for months, I promise!)


dining room.jpg


Here's the bare window in dd's room, looking very sad:


window without curtains.jpg


And here's the window with the curtains:



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Oh wow! Those curtains were worth the wait!!! So cute!!!
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great job, loveeeee the curtains!

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Thanks! I really put everything I had into them. I don't think I'll be undertaking another detailed project like that for a while. I thought that I had taken a picture of them closed, so that you could see them better, but I couldn't find it when I uploaded the files.

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My helper is making things a little trickier...but we've managed to get the Easter eggs started. Four down, eight to go. Plus the other tasks of course.
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I'm a little late to join, but my "weekend" doesn't start til Sunday.  Then I have Sunday - Tuesday off.  I don't have any baby-free time during that period, but I'll see what I can get done in between the other things I have planned.





-I'm dead tired, but I have to get my clothes put away.  I have a seriously escalating laundry situation.



- girls afternoon out with my best friend who is here from out-of-town.  Not really productive, but will almost certainly help my mental state!

- clean off dining room table and buffet.  Both are major clutter-catchers, and both are out of control.  I have boxes packed for mailing to a friend that have been there for at least 6 weeks bag.gif

- clean bathroom, including mopping the floor.  Nothing scary here, but still needs to happen.  Will have to be after LO is in bed or while he's napping, otherwise he likes to "help", and I don't like him around the cleaning sprays (we have to use Lime-a-Way.  I tried vinegar, but it wasn't strong enough).



- vacuum downstairs and upstairs

- dust living room

- milk cows for dairy association

- go on "date" with DH



- clean out car and take donations to Goodwill

- mail packages

- milk cows again


This is going to be a busy set of days off, but I think I can get everything done...  Wish me luck!

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I know it is a bit "late", but my "projects" for this  weekend are:  laundry and "spring cleaning" the kitchen. 


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