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I know my DH often thinks of babywearing as a "woman thing"; perhaps marketing a model designed *specifically* for men would help vs one that can just be "worn by men, too". 


Lots of men in the marketing materials in a variety of activities, not just the typical street scenes, perhaps an adjusted design to accommodate wide shoulders and larger statures (maybe even a "beefier" design with wider straps to look more manly lol), plain colors, not just "manly" patterns (think gradients of grey, tan, green, dark blue - my dh is not a pattern fan and once he finds a color he likes, he sticks with it on everything), and some additional technical features like pockets, clips, etc.


Contests are fun too - maybe design one around the male population - picture contest, new design feature contest, most unique use? etc. Freebies with purchase that are techy in nature, related apps?


eta: oooh just thought of another idea: get them out to stores/sites that appeal to guys - I'm thinking something like Think Geek if you can put a fun spin on it. :)

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I would LOVE one of these, as would my husband. My first son was colicky & anytime he wasn't breastfeeding, he was being worn by my husband in a sling. I think manly prints and designs are the way to go to get men more into babywearing! :)

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We would love to win one of these carriers! I have heard such great things about them! My husband would probably be more likely to wear our son(s) if the carrier were camo, digital camo, Air Force tiger stripes, or was hunting camo print. Something that say, "I wear my rugrat but I'm still macho."
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it is super easy to mow the lawn or have free hands to play with older sibling! my husband would not wear with the first babe but with the second loved it!! it took a good push to get it on him but then I think he may have worn it more than me! 

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What a great carrier! I think the best way to get Dad more involved is just to keep the carrier on hand... we've found that it's a really easy way to tote our bean around and it doesn't hurt that we always seem to get good feedback from folks who, I'm guessing, haven't really been exposed to much baby wearing.

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I would love one!  I think dh would be more willing to wear our boys if he saw more dads doing it.  But a helicopter print would sure help!  He loves all things that fly, lol

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i would love one of these carriers. i think it would bring guys closer to their babies...the mother gets to carrier them for 40 wks, this gives the dads a chance to feel close to them.

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My husband likes to think about all of our little man's first ascents of all the Alaskan mountains we've hiked with him.

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My dc's father wore the babies when I was out and they were little. For him, it was an easy way to keep them happy and a lot easier than trying to hold two babies.

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I would love one!  I think Men would wear babies more if carriers looked more man-like.  It also would help if more men saw men wearing babies in print and media!

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Seeing your husband babywearing falls into the same realm as watching him vacuum... total foreplay :)  I would LOVE a beco!

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Oooh.. I'm totally interested! What a great giveaway!

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Ooohhhh.... I've always wanted a Beco!!!

My husband is scared of tying things. He will wear the Ergo, because it buckles. Although he refuses to learn how to do it himself, so I have to strap him in every time.

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I would love to win a Beco, so I could share it with my friend and babysitter, who is expecting her 2nd baby this summer.  Mine is a must-have and I'd like to share the love.  :)  I think just wearing babies helps spread the word... I get stopped everywhere I go to ask where I got my carrier, how it works, and how I like it.  Notice no one asks if HE likes it -- it's obvious by the grin on his sweet face!

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I would LOVE to win one or your Beco carriers!


DH is the curious type. I know he wouldn't be able to resist trying it out himself once he's seen me using one. He will also be more likely to wear it out of the house if the colors are neutral!

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I would love one of these (and so would dh).  I think the key to getting them into babywearing is starting them when the baby is young.

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I would love to win one! For my husband, the key is a non-girly print, and he's never said this, but he seems to go for my soft structured carrier over my mei tai, i think because it has snaps and buckles and looks more like a backpack than something like a mei tai with loose hanging "sashes". he specifically said he didnt like the ring sling because of the hanging piece of fabric which he thought looked "girly"

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We would love a Beco Butterfly 2! The print is perfect for our son!  

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I would LOVE one of these carriers ~ as for making it more "common" for the men to carry the babe = cool prints!

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I would love a new Beco carrier, my old Ryan Beco has seen better days, it has been used nearly daily for almost 20 months and is well loved! I don't know what I would do without it!
While we were together my partner wore our son a few times in it and found it comfortable even with his back problems and got he many compliments on being a baby wearing daddy. By showing more men wearing the Beco (especially with a back carry) and more unisex prints like Tyler and Ryan would help! Maybe even just pairing Melody or Eden with a teal blue or green instead of lavender!
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