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Oh, I would be so happy to win this!

To encourage men I think two things would help: more men in the advertisements and easy adjustability so it's simple to switch between parents.

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I would love to have this carrier. My son's grandfather could more easily carry and bond this way. It can be difficult for grandparents to carry young kids comfortably, but your carrier would make it easier on their joints and safer!
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I would love one of these! I made my DH a ringsling with guitar phrases all over it. I think if the carriers came in 'manly' prints, fabrics, etc men might be more inclined to participate in the joy of babywearing!

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I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a new Beco Butterfly 2 for both me and my significant other! We had an older Beco with our first 2 that I lovingly passed on to a dear friend right before finding out we were pregnant with the 3rd baby girl! Daddy would love to carry his daughters with something that is easy to use, such as a Beco. An idea he had for helping to promote more men to wear, is to have a cover with his favorite football team to put over the girly or baby designs that most carriers come in. He's not into flowers or butterflies just like he's not into boats and trucks (like most little boy prints have). If there was a Dallas Cowboy logo on there, he would find ANY excuse to wear our baby!! LOL...

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Of course, we would love to own a Beco too!! A couple of my new mama friends just got Becos for their babies, and love them.

I agree, that colors and patterns that won't make Daddies blush are great, and ease of use is big for my husband. He hates multitudes of straps and maneuevers needed with some carriers. Summer time will certainly bring more opportunities for my son and daddy to hang out outside- I love the idea of babywearing while grilling!

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I would be too excited to win one of these!  


I think one of the keys to get men to babywear is to make the carrier look "cool," which often means more of a techy feel than what is available in most carriers.  My husband would wear our son in the Baby Bjorn and in a Kelty Kids backpack.  Also, my husband tends to prefer solids to prints and is more likely to use something if it is black or in a distant second, navy blue.  However, since I like the prints and prefer bright colors, we have a conflict and it costs more than we can afford to buy each carrier in two colors...maybe there's a way to make a reversible one?  He would also like more interesting/masculine styling.  He suggests brushed aluminum clips/clasps (or better yet, titanium), some silver piping and a fabric that looks like carbon fiber rather than canvas.  It would also be nice to have a way to mark each parent's "setting" on a carrier.  We have a Boba, which I like, but had I realized the harness in the Butterfly to aid in back carrying, I would have bought that one instead...I went with the print I preferred because I didn't realize this advantage.  The main issue I have with the Boba is that I need to have it perfectly adjusted in order for our son's weight to be distributed such that it does not strain my shoulders...this is a feat I have only been able to accomplish once since it needs to be loosened each time to get my son on my back (though to be fair, I haven't really gotten into it because I live in Michigan and I bought the carrier in February and I don't have a baby wearing coat, so perhaps I need more practice, but I digress...)  My point is that I'm reluctant to have my husband use the Boba because I don't want him to mess up the adjustments that can be left in place.  So, if there were a way to easily mark your settings, without permanently altering the carrier, it would be handy.  Also, perhaps a pocket large enough for a diaper and some wipes (if you think it's hard to get a man to babywear, imagine how hard it is to get a man to babywear and tote around a diaper bag, which limits mobility on daddy-baby outings.

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 I think the short term fix is certainly trying to make babywearing meet our society's standards of what masculinity is, ie. the patterns, colors, features.  However I think the long term fix is changing how our society view's a father's role in parenting.   I think we need to change the idea that wearing a baby is somehow a maternal thing, and also even that for a man to like something it has to be camouflaged.  It probably starts with teaching our sons from a young age that there are no such thing as manly colors or girly colors.. that there is no such thing as something a man shouldn't do -- like carry a baby around in a carrier.   Reading all these posts has made me really thankful to have a partner who doesn't believe in gender rules like that. I think how you grow up makes a big difference, because his mom is from Korea, where it was very normal to wear a baby all the time.  He also doesn't have any of those preconceptions about colors or patterns.  I think as moms, its important we teach our sons that these taboos are just that.. taboos.


I also thought it was a really good idea, that a previous poster had, to emphasize how great babywearing is for helping a dad bond with the baby.  Also just more education overall about how beneficial it is for the baby.  Overall we just really need to get away from these stupid cultural stigmas about what is manly and what isn't.






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Becos are the best!

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I would love one!


To get more men to babywear, I would advertise in men's magazines!

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We would love one of these carriers.  I've been researching them and you guys have a fantastic reputation.


I think the visual images of men carrying babies have the most impact.  But the ease of use factor is a must once you get them through the door...adjustability is huge.  If it isn't comfortable, it isn't going to happen.

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Would love to win. 


Ads featuring men and having samples available at retail outlets to try on would both encourage men to babywear.  Variety of gender-neutral colors would help too.

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I'd love one of these carriers!  I think men would be more apt to bw if the carriers were more masculine, like the print on this one, and advertisements showed more men bwing.

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I love wearing our girls and have been through many carriers to get the most comfortable ones. I think team logos would be good but probably too much to get the rights, so maybe more sports designs that go across most of the carrier. While wearing I've actually had great feedback from others and maybe have just not noticed the laughs that someone else mentioned. I see an ad campaign with men carrying and just going about everyday life, I mean I feel like i see a lot of men with Bjorn's, it's just about getting more people to know why Becos are so much better for the kids and more versatile. And yes, I would love one.

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A really excellent way to encourage men to babywear more would be to find a male celebrity/sports star babywearing ambassador. Perhaps this could be done by Beco in their advertising. A PSA on the benefits of babywearing with a handful of celebs and normal parents too would be amazing,....but I'm a bit of a dreamer like that! Noah Wyle comes to mind but there must be someone more current out there...?

My DP and I agree that a Beco is our ideal carrier and we'd love one. Our DS has a very long torso and we always worry a bit with him on our backs in the Ergo carrier but we wouldn't have to worry about it with a Beco.
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I would love to get a carrier. Get the husband jealous of the adoring looks the baby gives me when in the carrier. He wants to carry her too. He loves it now.


MMM, I think I remember seeing a picture of Orlando Bloom babywearing. I don't remember exactly, but that's the image that comes to mind.

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I would love one of these carriers.  I don't know a good way to get men to babywear, except to make it more the norm in general and then make MANLY carriers. 

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What a great opportunity! I would love to win one! Thanks for the chance!

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I would love to win of course.


My husband loves to help me out and clean baby wearing. I am a work at home mom and sometimes I just don't get it all done so he helps out (he also works). He will plop Dylan in the carrier and vacuum the whole house. I think getting men to wear babies more should be with not only word of mouth and moms showing dad hey look it is really easy, but also with photos of dads wearing babies in magazines etc. I think if more men saw other men doing it they would say, "Oh okay." I think men are easier than we give them credit sometimes. Most really don't read the magazines but the women do and if they showed them pictures of men vacuuming while wearing their babies, or walking the dog while wearing the baby etc they might realize how easy it really was and how much the babies really enjoy being worn. :) It is more a show and tell with men. I think.


My husband is pretty much a watch and see kind of guy he watched me do it, he saw our child liked it and he followed suit. At least once a week he now wears him and cleans.

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I would love one of these and so would dh!


He loves wearing the kids on long hikes, while doing the dishes, and used to wear our older daughter mowing the lawn and doing outdoor work.  First of all, I think dads need to know that you can keep on carrying a child past infancy (so many people seem to use bjorns and the kid is too heavy very early because it is uncomfortable).  My husband just got started wearing our older daughter more often when she was 1 and he wore her up to about 3.  That is also the time that she could go longer between nursing sessions so it was easier for her to be with dad.  I like babywearing to enter people's scope of possibilities.  Focusing on the ease of use compared to srollers is a big plus, too.  My husband was so thrilled when we wore our daughter to a big outdoor even that was very crowded and none of the shops were even allowing strollers in.  It would have been SO hard maneuvering a stroller through the crowds and then parking it to take a break inside shops whith a grabby toddler running around.  So much easier to keep her contained in a carrier.  Also, it is great for being attentive to a baby.  Babies need human touch, not to have a carseat or stroller jostled.  Everyone's happy when baby's not screaming and I've seen way too many babies ignored in car seats for hours on end.  Guys can get their exercise in by wearing baby for long walks and can even have dance parties with the kids while wearing baby.  And carriers like Becos are very dad-friendly and masculine looking.  My husband would love to get one of these as a gift this year :)

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One of these would be perfect with a new baby on the way and two toddlers to chase after.

I think more men in advertisements doing normal things while baby wearing and not just looking like fancy models would encourage more men to babywear.  Non-feminine patterns and easy adjustability between parents are also key.

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