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I would love to win one of these!!  To get more men to babywear I think it is important for the woman to tell him how incredibly sexy it is to see him like that.  My husband wore our son from the beginning.  He didn't care what the carrier looked like, he just wanted to be close to his boy!

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I would love to try a Beco because the way they are shaped makes them look like they would be more comfortable than other ssc's. The only way my guy would use a carrier is if was plain black.



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My husband and I both love babywearing. We've done it with all 3 of our girls. My husband and I would love to try one of these carriers!

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We have a Beco & LOVE it! My husband uses it all the time. I think he would really enjoy this print. Dads should totally try babywearing. It really gives them a chance to have intimate time with the baby & bond. It's a very healthy thing for everyone.

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I would love one of these carriers! My hubby wears my youngest most of the time!


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My husband loved to wear the homemade carrier i made ... a Beco would be even more perfect!

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we would love one of these - babywearing men is SEXY!!!! that's usually reason enough for a man to do something. :)  however, its also such a wonderful way to create an intimate bonding space with their little one that men stereotypically are left out of. and - another practical reason for men: they can be on the move, doing things they love to do, hands free, while enjoying the activity with their wee one.

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I'm not sure how my husband got started with babywearing...but he was really into it. Whenever all three of us were together he would almost always be the one wearing our son in an ergo or beco up until he was 2.5 (because he's always been a big kid and just got too heavy after a while). I think the best thing about babywearing for my husband was that it was a way for him to be outside with our son from when he was very small. When he was a baby my husband would walk with him outside and he would fall asleep even if he was crying. It became a way for my husband to soothe our son, I guess you could almost say it became his version of nursing. My son became very attached to being worn by his Daddy. My husband had time and his hands free when babywearing to work on projects outside around our house.


I think that babywearing is essential for all Dads because it is a great way to bond with their little one's, it gives them an important tool for soothing kiddos without the help of Mom, and it saves their backs by not straining by carrying baby/toddler around in arms all the time. Emphasizing any of these points would get a lot of fathers to think about giving babywearing a shot. 


We would love a beco butterfly for our second child who is due to arrive any day. The big brother would greatly approve of the helicopter pattern.


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Ooh! maybe if I win one I'll finally get pregnant again!

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I would love one of these carriers! Beco is amazing :)


I think as long as a carrier looks manly, Dads would be willing to give it a try. Men should like Beco carriers because they allow for the back carry, which I think appeals to Dad's tired back when the child gets heavier and into the "carry me" stage.

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I would love one of these carriers.  I am looking for a new one for the newest little one due in June. 

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Have heard lots of good things about the Beco carrier and would love to win one and try it out for myself!


I think the main thing we need need is more visibility of men using carriers- in real life, in magazines, in movies/TV and in advertising. I think it is also helpful that carrier companies are using more masculine styles, both through design and color/fabric.


I think my dh would wear this one :)

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I would *love* one of these!  I think, encourage more men to baby wear, carriers need to be built to fit ALL men.  my husband has extremely broad shoulders and chest and a lot of the SSC's aren't comfy for him (or the babe being squished into his back or chest)

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would love to win one of these!!

my husband loves to wear our babies, but definitely more adjustability would help him feel more comfortable!!

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I'd love one.

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We would love to have one of these to add to our stash or possibly give to my sisters hubby for when their new baby is born.  :) 


I think one of the best ways to get dads interested in babywearing is for them to see the benefits firsthand.  My DH started wearing our kids when he saw how calming it was.  Also, more gender neutral prints are always good.  DH loves his Didy Geckos wrap.  joy.gif

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These are really cute and would be great to win one. In my experience with my husband patience was the key. He needed me to help him learn how to do the carrier and how to put our child in it. Once I explained how much more comfortable it is and easy on your back, be was game to try it right away!

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Would love to win one of these Beco carriers! My husband loves to wear our three month old, and when our 1st grader was smaller he proudly wore him in a backpack carrier! His suggestion? "Man up and be a man!" Translation: Real men wear their kids, and end up with compassionate adults!

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Awesome! What a great looking carrier and I would love one! What a wonderful opportunity for dads to bond with their babies! Mamas get all the cuddly nursing time and a carrier like this gives dad that chance too!
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My husband recommend making more styles in male or no gender specific patters. He doesn't like butterflies, flowers , but does like trees, dark colors and shapes.

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